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Bay Area Kombucha


The first time I had Kombucha I took it down like a little kid takes down cherry flavored Robitussin®. I was not a huge fan, to say the least. However, while exploring the Bay Area earlier this month (with my WLIR squad), I came across a tasty Kombucha that gave you all the benefits of Kombucha, without the normal distinct, strong, vinegary taste that most Kombuchas beverages have.

The company's name is Kombucha Botanica and their product line comes in 3 tasty flavors: Pomegranate, Elderflower, & Ginger Tulsi, (my personal favorite was pomegranate).

Even if you've previously hated Komubuch with a passion, (like our WLIR Editor Dhrumil) I definitely recommend giving Kombucha Botanica's unique blend a try... you just might be surprised!

Note: Although Kombucha Botanica is still a relatively small shop, they can be found in quite a few locations around the Bay Area. Click continue reading to check out a list of their locations.


  • Alameda Naturals 

Berkeley Locations

  • Berkeley  Naturals (Gilman St.)
  • Berkeley  Bowl 

Carmel Locations

  • Cornucopia Health Foods


  • Whole Foods

Los Gatos 

  • Whole Foods

Marin County Locations

  • Good Earth Health Foods


  • Whole Foods

Santa Cruz locations:

  • Staff Of Life
  • Food Bin
  • Aptos Naturals
  • New Leaf Markets
  • Deluxe Foods
  • Shopper’s Corner
  • River Café & Cheese Shop
  • Dharma’s Restaurant
  • Café La Vie

San Francisco

  • Far West Fungi - Ferry  Plaza
  • Whole Foods - Market St
  • Other Avenues Coop
  • Rainbow Grocery Coop

San Mateo

  • Whole Foods

San Rafael 

  • Whole Foods

Palo Alto Locations

  • Whole Foods - Palo Alto 
  • Country Sun Health Foods- Palo Alto 

It is also avaliable online @ DiamondOrganics.com