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Frederic's Raw Costa Rica Pitch (Video)

I thought this video by raw food author Frederic Patenaude was pretty innovative and a little funny too! The splices of "winter shots" and mix in of heavy metal music are the best!

Frederic's Costa Rica Seminar
January 14th - 20th 2007
Price: $2697 for one person, $4894 for two
Includes: Lodging, yoga, raw meals, workshops, transportation and more

I love how Frederic is basically saying, "While you are freezing your ass off in North America, I'll be in Costa Ricas sippin on raw smoothies." Good marketing Frederic!




Based on this video, I would NOT drop that kind of money (or time) on this seminar.

It's sad, but in terms of quality, "infomercial style" would actually be a step up.

The ameteurish production, overall low rent feel, and obviously self written script/concept all make me feel that this guy is just trying to make a buck, and not actually concerned with providing something of value.

By going so cheaply and unprofessionaly on this video, one has to wonder what else in the seminar package will be cheap and unprofessional.

In other words, if he's not willing to invest that much effort or money to create a professional presentation, I would bet that he's not willing to invest much effort or money to create a pleasing, luxurious, spa like experience for seminar participants--tho it sounds like he'll gladly take your money!!

If you want to be a self styled guru, Frederic, try again--and this time, try not to insult your potential clients.


True that boooo!


The video wasn't intented as a professional presentation of the seminar. In fact, it was something that has been done in addition to a more complete written presentation of what the seminar has to offer. It's been done for fun, because all of the information has been put on the site. For a complete description of the seminar, the site is: http://www.CostaRicaSeminar.com


Wow, not only is that video AWFUL but the website is just as bad.
The only working link on the website is for you to give this man your money, all the other links are broken that give you more information about him or the trip.
The link that takes you to pay shows several pictures of a spa-like atmosphere and then nature shots. This seriously looks like a potential rip-off. You could easily be paying for something that you wont ever see.
Sorry Frederic but your overall presentation needs to improve if you want to be charging prices like this.


I liked the video! I loved the winter shots with the heavy metal and the Costa Rica shots with the relaxed music. I'd love to go, but me = poor college student :[

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