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From Cooked to Raw: The Raw Reality Show is happening


This comes to us from the desk of Alissa Choen

I've been working with the producer of the hit reality series, The Rebel Billionaire, America's Next Top Model, and other major reality TV shows. Although I can’t give out too many details, we are really excited about this! Here's were you all come in.

At the beginning of each show, I will be using success stories from people 30 - 60 - 90 days raw!

If you would like to be a success story and have your Before and Afters, along with a piece of your success story aired on this show please email me ASAP so I can compile this. Your story has to relate to being helped by me, my book, DVDs or website, even if just reading my book has helped you. (We don’t want to be talking about how other people inspired you on your journey on my show, if you get my drift, lol!) We already have a bunch but are looking for the before and afters pictures with the most extreme differences. We need clear pictures and a short story along with your phone number and email so I can contact you. I know many of you have sent me pictures before but I need pictures that show a noticeable difference.

Please send me yours again at alissa@alissacohen.com if you think that yours would work. Thanks everyone - can't wait to see your pictures!
Alissa Cohen