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He Likes It Raw: Elvis (The King)


When my 5 year old cousin was reading the We Like It Raw profile of reader Elvis, she said, "Elvis ate raw food too!?" I was just about to explain to her that it wasn't "The King - Elvis", it was another friend who's name was Elvis.... but then I remembered this story I heard at a David Wolfe lecture about 4 years ago:

Excerpt from If I Can Dream: Elvis' Own Story by Larry Geller

One day in 1973, he [Elvis] asked,  "What do you eat?"

As if he didn't know. My "bizarre" eating habits--I was a vegetarian then--were the subject of countless Memphis Mafia wisecracks.

"Well," I said, "I eat as much raw food as I can, raw fruits and vegetables, and I don't eat meat."

After I had explained my approach to nutrition, he nodded. Later that night, as we were all sitting down to dinner at the Holmby Hills house in Los Angeles, he said,

"So that you all know what's happening around here, I'm changing my diet. Because the spiritual teachings say that you have to eat right, I'll be eating a lot of vegetables now, a lot of salads, and raw fruits. I'm telling the maids, and that's what they're going to make for me."

Out went the brownies, the ice cream, the chicken-fried steak, the burgers. Elvis ate only fresh, nutritious, healthy foods--for two days. Then it was back to the same old nonsense.

Yup, Elvis ate raw food too! Even though it was for only two days. Hmm... that would probably make him part of Group B.