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Interview with Dr. David Jubb (Life Food)

Playing off Vinit's last post, I thought this interview that Dr. Simon A. Senzon, M.A., D.C. did with Dr. David Jubb Ph.D would give readers a good understanding of Dr. Jubbs breakdown on the difference between raw vs life food.

Dr. David Jubb was the scientific advisor to live foods expert and internationally acclaimed author Anne Wigmore. Based in New York City, Dr. Jubb and his wife, Annie, have been teaching workshops and classes for 24 years in many aspects of healing, including fasting and "life food." Life food is Dr. Jubb's term for his program of natural foods and fasting. I've benefited from Dr. Jubb's life food training, and I jumped at the opportunity to interview him for this issue of New Life Journal.

SS: Why do you use the term life food as opposed to raw or live food?

DJ: Life food is food that has its life-force intact. Raw food people do raw flesh and raw grains and raw legumes. This is not life food. Raw food is just uncooked, that s all. Life food is food that is nutritionally available and easy to digest.

Living food is a term that Ann Wigmore coined. When people ate simply raw food, she realized that there were a lot of enzyme inhibitors in that food, and so she called what she does living food to define this principle of releasing the enzyme inhibitors from the food through sprouting.

I became her scientific advisor, and as I looked at her program, I saw that she included a lot of food that couldnt be found growing in nature. And, under the microscope, that food just became mold, fungi, and yeast fairly quickly. And as a microbiologist and a cell histologist, I saw that the flora that makes up that food is only one step away from a mold, fungi, and yeast. Fermentation is the chief undertaker.

Banana and dates, and corn and wheat, and rice and carrots and beets, are composed symbiotically of a flora that really won t ecosterilize against mold, fungus, and yeast in nature. And they wreak havoc in the body and cause more mold, fungus, and yeast.

SS: Interesting. Many people study Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Both of those systems talk about cooked food. What do you think about that?

DJ: There is no pot boiling in nature. People generally have not looked around to consider what it is to be natural. [Cooked food] is an error because no other life force on the whole of the earth eats cooked food except for humans. If we were meant to eat cooked food we d be born with stoves attached. And on another note, there is no vet in the world that feeds the animal in the zoo food that is cooked. They stopped doing that many years ago.

SS: This is the garden issue, so I was wondering if you had any advice for our readers who are planting gardens right now, especially those wanting to start eating more life food now.

DJ: There are so many things that they could plant in the garden, even fruit that would grow just about all year round. Like cape gooseberries, and various plants they can plant where they are going to get a bit of fruit all year round just about, you know? Gooseberry is a plant that is like this. They could plant fruits and things that don t require much looking after. They could stick with things that they know are not going to raise blood sugar. It is amazing to take native fruits and grow these, like persimmons. Of course potato is not a good one you know. And, peas are not good because they are starchy. Carrots are not good because they are starchy. But then other things like tomato, and squashes are very amazing fruits. Zucchini and cucumbers, they are very delicious, and beautiful fruits, and they help cleanse. All food that comes from a flower is a fruit. Gardeners who are really interested to have a right ratio of potassium to sodium won t use any artificial fertilizer.

You compost vegetation and this sort of thing, and you make a compost heap out of organic material only. You shouldnt put commercial produce on there, and your compost should be kept moist and it should be turned, and it shouldnt be dried out.

Dr. Simon Senzon practices and teaches about life food in Asheville, NC. He and his wife, Susan, own Network Family Chiropractic at 188 Charlotte Street, and they can be contacted at 828-251-0815.

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" Banana and dates, and corn and wheat, and rice and carrots and beets, are composed symbiotically of a flora that really won t ecosterilize against mold, fungus, and yeast in nature. And they wreak havoc in the body and cause more mold, fungus, and yeast."

Is that saying that the combination of Bananas and dates is a problem, or is that saying they are a problem all by themselves?



He is saying they are a problem by themselves.


Wow, that is something I have never heard, lol. Where can I read more about this man's beliefs?

Eagle Eye


I would like to give a quick link to Jubbs Longevity here, where the insights of Lifefood are in full practice. 508 E 12th St. NYC. Dr. Jubb gives free lectures and food tastings on Tues and Thurs from 7-9pm. Also you can call at 212 353 5000, and im sure someone would be happy to spend a few moments with you to answer your questions. As well i can warmly recommend the Lifefood Recipe Book and the other books from the Jubbs, available on Amazon or at Jubbs Longevity. The websites are being renovated at the moment with finishing touches, but can be found shortly at www.jubbslongevity.com and www.lifefood.com.

Peace and Insightful explorations to you.


Thanks Eagle Eye!

Matthew Sherrill

I have studied with Dr. Jubb and have experienced lifefood. I love it so much that I created a company, Solive, that focuses on LifeFood Nutrition and all things that surround it, including; detoxification, liver flushing, whole-brain functioning, and being kind and gentle to oneself and others. Visit my site to learn more about LifeFood. It is amaaaaazing!!!!

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Hi, having had Ann Wigmore as a mentor back in 1973, I agree that 'living or life foods are what synergistically provide an unreplicable source of life for humans. greens, sprouts and plenty of fruit with seeds ( I love cucumbers) is the basis of what I teach in my successful Rawjuvenate for Life Programs. Why, coz it works!!!


kyla cole

Twistys Presents: Kyla Cole


i love the dates of a few dates, but they do give my blood a most wretched feeling
Bananas seemed balanced, between energy-provision, yet rather too thick to process well
My friend actually did an entertaining DVD interview of Jubb:

Not actually sold out, there are some here. Hm.

LBC Saul

This guy's a quack, who drinks his own piss.. don't believe me? Ask him.

If Humans were designed/evolved <-(depending on your beliefs) to only eat "easily digestible" foods, why do we have K9 teeth??

Starving is not the answer.. The human body is the most resilient design on the planet.

We can eat practically anything and live a long and healthy life. Look at the beloved George Burns, who ate medium-rare stakes and smoked cigars well into his late 90's.

Ultimately, it's all about moderation, exercise, and the love for life... NOT gnawing on twigs.


Sunsmythe Dr Jubb is far from being a quack (in your words and comprehension). Dr Jubb has studied blood and blood formation for over two decades and up to 16 hours a day he is also, amongst other things, a Neurophysiologist! He is without any doubt the foremost expert on blood in the world. If you care to attended one of his lectures you would know immediately that he is one of the most sincere intelligent and intellectual beings on this planet moreover you will find it very difficult in your own life to meet a person that gives so much of his own time to humanity for very little in return not just spiritually but also financially thus empowering many to take change of their own lives and become critical thinkers! The wealthiest men in the world like the Rockefellers who own billions of $$$ claim to be Philanthropists when nothing could be further from the truth - for example who owns the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England (Not the governments, people or the residing country)... these are the questions you should be asking! Yet hear you have an amazing man that offers natural and free advice with detailed explanations and ignorance rules your thinking.

Firstly understand the reasons behind the consumption of 'urine therapy'. Urine is not to be associated with excrement to mix the two is very wrong and demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of the human anatomy. Moreover because he drinks his own urine does not make him less intelligent that’s mere ignorance and dumb thoughts.

To make the assumption that we have K9 teeth because we eat meat or that our ancestors ate meat is naive. Cleary back in our timeline we may have strayed to killing and eating flesh but like I said out internal organs clearly indicate otherwise moreover we now have the intelligence and knowledge to change our paths in order to respect animals. Clearly we cannot sustain this environment for much longer this can be noted by the decreasing fish levels around the world. Hog and hen farms create so much damage to their surrounding area with dangerously high nitrogen levels more over if most people actually had to slaughter their own animals rather than ignorantly purchase a carcinogenic package packed full of dead flesh that has been fed carcinogenic growth hormones and carcinogenic pesticides they may just think twice before putting it in their bodies.

Dr Jubb does not starve himself and if you held the knowledge that he does you would realise that he is not starving himself in fact the opposite! We all eat way too much this is one of the problems with the world... GREED! Dr Jubb has practiced breatharianism for several years and now practices calorie restriction. At no time whatsoever has Dr Jubb been ill through his own breatharianism or calorie restriction practises and this speaks volumes. Breatharianism or calorie restriction are not starving one body Dr Jubb has a greater knowledge into the human anatomy that most intellectuals could only dream of. Dr Jubb has spent most of his academic life that’s thousands of hours studying and learning and is the most articulate being you could ever wish to meet.

Yes we can eat practically anything but we can also pay for this in later life... please wake up and look at our hospitals and the allopathic institutions we have in place (incidentally urine therapy works and his homeopathic something that the big wigs done what you to know! Thus one of the reasons that the Carnegie Foundation outlawed homeopathy for allopathic medical plasticises because there is no money to be made in homeopathy but so much as we see today to be made on allopathic practises) ... for the most part they don’t work! Clearly medical science has made great discoveries and technological advancements but labelling most alignments as diseases is dumb!

Humans never had cookers to heat food nor did we use to kill animals in order to survive. Microwavable nutritionally depleted TV dinners never existed! We were in origin peaceful frugivores. We can further learn from this by looking at our anatomy and understanding how our internal organs work... the length of our intestine in comparisons with other meat eaters clearly shows that we were designed for flowering fruit plants and trees and not meat. The pancreas is another indication that we were not designed to kill animals for our food quite the opposite in fact. On top of this we are learning that big pharma and big petro chemicals (most owned by the bankers) are so bad for us yet so cheap to produce and the ill informed and poor members of our societies are left believing ignorant greedy businesses and politicians who themselves take big pay checks from the legislation they create on top of this you have advert offer advert brainwashing consumers into thinking they need a particular drug. The world needs more real Philanthropists like Dr Jubb to help empower us all to think more critically about what we eat, what effect that has on our bodies and our environment and what the world leaders are doing collectively as they head to their world order.


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Jeffrey Sand

I just finished reading all three of David Jubb's books and I have to say it is the most impressive and fascinating look into our body I think one could ever come across. I am a strong believer into the lifefood diet, and am moving more towards that from a raw food diet. I have to agree with "LBC Saul" in what you said, I will second you on that. It is so amazing to have this kind of knowledge, and it really makes plenty of sense to me. I just started urine therapy yesterday, for the first time, and it was so easy. It is one of those things where it is easy to say bad things about it if you haven't tried it, but you would have to try it, otherwise how would you really know?


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