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Interview with Dr. David Jubb (Life Food)

Playing off Vinit's last post, I thought this interview that Dr. Simon A. Senzon, M.A., D.C. did with Dr. David Jubb Ph.D would give readers a good understanding of Dr. Jubbs breakdown on the difference between raw vs life food.

Dr. David Jubb was the scientific advisor to live foods expert and internationally acclaimed author Anne Wigmore. Based in New York City, Dr. Jubb and his wife, Annie, have been teaching workshops and classes for 24 years in many aspects of healing, including fasting and "life food." Life food is Dr. Jubb's term for his program of natural foods and fasting. I've benefited from Dr. Jubb's life food training, and I jumped at the opportunity to interview him for this issue of New Life Journal.

SS: Why do you use the term life food as opposed to raw or live food?

DJ: Life food is food that has its life-force intact. Raw food people do raw flesh and raw grains and raw legumes. This is not life food. Raw food is just uncooked, that s all. Life food is food that is nutritionally available and easy to digest.

Living food is a term that Ann Wigmore coined. When people ate simply raw food, she realized that there were a lot of enzyme inhibitors in that food, and so she called what she does living food to define this principle of releasing the enzyme inhibitors from the food through sprouting.

I became her scientific advisor, and as I looked at her program, I saw that she included a lot of food that couldnt be found growing in nature. And, under the microscope, that food just became mold, fungi, and yeast fairly quickly. And as a microbiologist and a cell histologist, I saw that the flora that makes up that food is only one step away from a mold, fungi, and yeast. Fermentation is the chief undertaker.

Banana and dates, and corn and wheat, and rice and carrots and beets, are composed symbiotically of a flora that really won t ecosterilize against mold, fungus, and yeast in nature. And they wreak havoc in the body and cause more mold, fungus, and yeast.

SS: Interesting. Many people study Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Both of those systems talk about cooked food. What do you think about that?

DJ: There is no pot boiling in nature. People generally have not looked around to consider what it is to be natural. [Cooked food] is an error because no other life force on the whole of the earth eats cooked food except for humans. If we were meant to eat cooked food we d be born with stoves attached. And on another note, there is no vet in the world that feeds the animal in the zoo food that is cooked. They stopped doing that many years ago.

SS: This is the garden issue, so I was wondering if you had any advice for our readers who are planting gardens right now, especially those wanting to start eating more life food now.

DJ: There are so many things that they could plant in the garden, even fruit that would grow just about all year round. Like cape gooseberries, and various plants they can plant where they are going to get a bit of fruit all year round just about, you know? Gooseberry is a plant that is like this. They could plant fruits and things that don t require much looking after. They could stick with things that they know are not going to raise blood sugar. It is amazing to take native fruits and grow these, like persimmons. Of course potato is not a good one you know. And, peas are not good because they are starchy. Carrots are not good because they are starchy. But then other things like tomato, and squashes are very amazing fruits. Zucchini and cucumbers, they are very delicious, and beautiful fruits, and they help cleanse. All food that comes from a flower is a fruit. Gardeners who are really interested to have a right ratio of potassium to sodium won t use any artificial fertilizer.

You compost vegetation and this sort of thing, and you make a compost heap out of organic material only. You shouldnt put commercial produce on there, and your compost should be kept moist and it should be turned, and it shouldnt be dried out.

Dr. Simon Senzon practices and teaches about life food in Asheville, NC. He and his wife, Susan, own Network Family Chiropractic at 188 Charlotte Street, and they can be contacted at 828-251-0815.

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ok is fish any worse cause i could sacrifice beef and maybe chicken to go with the other stuff but i can't leave fish. I need it... its so freakin tasty.

hi all :)


hey guys,
jubbs sounds very amazing, and i plan on attending one of his lectures soon, right now i am stuck in the " i love cooked food" area, i could do without meat, but not without lo mein and pad thai, and pizza, maybe one day,

can someone explain this urine therapy more thoroughly , is it really drinking it right from the source, there must be some kind of filtration right? Isnt it a waste product?



I was very open to the long response to someone's unpleasant remarks about Dr. Jubb, in which someone said that David gives a lot to empower people. I want to learn more. I've been in and out of raw or live or life or what-have-you foods for many years and I want more knowledge about better health. I think I'm on the right path, at least for now....


Dr David Jubb is live once a month on One Radio Network:



Dr. Jubb is gay.


Its not the fact that he is gay thats disturbing. Its how controlling of his unresolved baggage and fear that is such a turn off including the food he is touching. He is not present or grounded at all and looks like any minute he might burst and fall apart. His energy is awful and toxic. It is totally creepy and for someone who obviously knows so much - not a good advert to raw living food. He gives me the creeps... it is beyond the average persons baggage and is even in his voice - yuk!!! He makes me feel sick and usually I love everyone.

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