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Martha Stewart's Greening Tips (Video)

Simran Sethi & the TreeHugger.com team recently graced and Greened the screens of millions of America households on the Martha Stewart Show. In line with this month's theme on the show, "Home Makeover Month", Martha has kindly provided 25 very practical Eco tips that anyone can use to Green their home.

Martha's 25 Ecofriendly Tips

  1. Switch to compact fluorescent lights
  2. Placing a plant every few hundred square feet within your home
  3. Fix leaking faucets to save water
  4. Set up a fun recycling center that kids can help out with
  5. Stop using plastic bags at the grocery store
  6. Start buying organic foods
  7. Use baking soda as a natural surface cleaner
  8. Make your own disinfectant spray with vinegar and any essential oil
  9. Use club soda as a window and glass cleaner
  10. Polish wood with olive oil

Keep reading tips 11 through 25 at marthastewart.com