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Quote-A-Day: Daily Email Inspiration


I get a few emails and ezines that are inspirationally based, but there is one that I look forward to more than any others. It is called Quote-A-Day and it is actually sent by my friend Nipun Mehta and his team at CharityFocus.org. The Quote-A-Day email blast, which goes out to 41,000 subscribers, is sent "without any costs or advertising or agendas." I honestly feel it is probably one of the best edited sources for daily inspiration anywhere on the net.

The format of the email is simple: Inspirational Quote, Inspirational Story and Inspirational "Be The Change" call to action.

Here is a recent story that was sent out by QAD that I really enjoyed:

Quote: "Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom". --Viktor Frankl

The Spiritual Power of a Mayor:

It’s August 1999. Cory Booker is a fed-up, 30-year-old City of Newark (New Jersey, USA) Council member, thwarted at every attempt at much-needed reform. After a particularly violent crime at a particularly drug-ravaged high-rise apartment complex, Booker decides it is time for drastic measures. He buys a tent, pitches it next to the complex and goes on a hunger strike. For 10 days, he fasts and sleeps outdoors in one of the grimmest neighborhoods in one of the country's grimmest cities. "It transformed my life," Booker says. A Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of Yale Law school, he said, "It's not about the office that you hold or the money in your bank account. Real power never stems from agencies. It stems from spiritual power." [more]

Be The Change:
The next time you find yourself in a challenging interaction, try to identify 'the space' between the stimulus and the response to see if you can find your true freedom and power there.

Cory Booker was actually inaugurated as Newark, NJ's new mayor in early July.

Now how could you not start your day off right with an email like that in your inbox? So I'll include my own Be The Change call to action: Go sign up for Quote-A-Day and allow yourself to feel good!



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