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Are raw bars all that healthy?


When I first started my raw food journey about 5 months ago, I made sure to spend time learning new recipes. I bought a few books and would attempt new recipes almost on a daily basis. My taste buds were excited and I was enjoying the ride. Through the process I also learned about the plethora of delicious raw food snacks that are out there, (see my bedroom's garbage can above). What a convenience it was to get all the benefits of raw food through an already prepared raw bar. Looking at the nutritional information I could see that it contained many of the healthiest raw ingredients.

I've never really gotten into cooking/preparing food, probably because I've always lived at home with my family and had my mother make me food whenever I was hungry. I also have a busy schedule balancing work, non-profits, sports, and social activities, (although that's no excuse). Still, wanting to experience the healthiest lifestyle, I've become quite lazy and have shy-ed away from making as many fresh items throughout my day. Yes, I do usually make one simple kale salad, but I hardly juice anymore and hardly experiment with new dishes. Whenever I get hungry, a raw bar is never too far away.

I usually can tell how healthy I am by looking at the skin on my face, and I'm beginning to realize that maybe eating all these raw bars isn't so healthy after all. Sure, they are much better than any cooked food or traditional bar, but in the end, they still are a snack.

I think a lot of people think that if package says "raw", it mean that they can thrive off of the contents within, (I know I did). But as Dr. David Jubb likes to remind us, "Raw food doesn't necessarily mean LIFE food."

Hallelujah! I'm going back to the kitchen!