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Raw Food Challenge on the Tyra Banks Show


Video: Click here to check out the clip of Alissa on the Tyra Show

Alissa Cohen, raw food coach & author extraordinaire, was featured today on the Tyra Banks show (see the clip) in one of the biggest raw food challenges ever! Tyra and her team created a show-down for Alissa and two of America's top diet coaches to educated their viewers on what diets work best.

Alissa was given the challenge of seeing just how big of a transformation she could take two ordinary women through over a period of a few weeks. Alissa's competition, Jillian Michaels (NBC's: Biggest Loser) and Dr. Ian Smith (VH1's: Celebrity Fit Club) were also given the same challenge.

Alissa is clearly the underdog here, but we having nothing but total confidence in her and the raw food diet! This is great new and a BIG win for raw/veg/organic/green/eco/healthy living and eating.

Stay tuned to WLIR for a video of the entire segment and updates to Alissa's progress in kicking some ass - raw style!