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SF's Small Wonder: Jucy Lucy's


Juicy Lucy's, San Francisco's all organic juice bar and cafe, is one of the Bay Area's best juice bar. Many locals have been familiar with the cafe and owner Lisa Bach (shown above) for close to a decade now, but the WLIR squad has only recently become familiar with this small wonder. Although they are better known for their juices and healing elixirs, Juicy Lucy's also servers vegan and raw vegan dishes as well.

While Juicy Lucy's does have a warm atmosphere, a slow food preparation style, and a very knowledgeable staff, one common challenge that newbies have is that all the juices and smoothies are served a room temperature. We here at WLIR tend to prefer our juice cold, but as one reviewer said:

"Smoothies, just like wine and everything else, are more flavorful at room temperature than they are cold. This is why Germans often drink their beer warm. Sometimes tradition can get in the way of progressing your pallette. Get over it."

So if you can get over it, know that Juicy Lucy's comes highly recommended from the boys that love to give it to you raw.

Juicy Lucy's (map)
703 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-786-1285
Hours: Varied throughout the year, please call