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Vinit Cooked, Vinit Raw


Hello WLIR!

Vinit here, one of the WLIR squad members. Last time I checked in with you all about my personal journey was about 5 months ago when I had just decided to give raw foods a 2nd try. I am proud to say that it's now almost been 6 months and I am still going strong! Not only have I been 95% raw for the past 6 months, but I am also proud to say that I, as my good friend Justin Timberlake says, have officially brought "sexy back" into my life! I feel like a million bucks, my skin has cleared up, I've lost most of my excess fat, and I'm in the process of getting Ripped with a capital 'R'.

A little history....

I started my raw food transition at 145 lbs. I've always been an athlete and have been conscious about working out and staying fit. Because of that reason I've had a medium metabolism rate. I've never gotten overweight, but I also was not one of those individuals who could eat anything and not gain a pound. As you can see from my previous photo, I do have a decent amount of muscle, but its all hiding underneath the fat!

Acne was always a problem for me, (just like Dhrumil). I never got huge amounts of acne on my face, but I would continuously get a new pimple after one went away. It was a never ending cycle. I used Neutrogena products and prescription medication to attempt to stop this vicious cycle. None of them seemed to work well and they often left my skin dry and give me large circles under my eyes.

But oh how the tables have turned!



I am currently 130 lbs (Bruce Lee style), with most of my excess fat gone, except for the stubborn mid section. BMI (Body Mass Index) has definitely been lowered, but not sure of the exact percentage. I have lost some of my "cooked muscle" size, replacing it with rock hard "raw muscle". I am more cut than ever and I'm also closer to having a 6 pack than I've ever been before. I have made some increases in my weights, but nothing too significant yet.

As far as acne is concerned, I continued to get small amounts of acne for the first 4 months. Now, the only time I get acne is when I eat something that is cooked. Skin pores are much smaller and for the most part, I've got the Glow - thank you for inspiration Sarma!

Training & Diet

I train on average 1 hr 4x/week. When I first began my transition, I was working out 1 or 2 muscles a day. I was putting on muscle, but it was a slow process and sometimes my progress felt plattoed. However, in the past 2 months, I've changed up my routine to a more aerobic, body weight, and full body routine. This has helped in toning/hardening the muscle I already have, lowering my BMI, giving me more flexibility, strengthening my heart, and giving my body the platform it needs to really put on significant muscle in a short period of time.

When I first started 6 months ago, I was eating more quantities of food. Currently my diet is fairly normal and simple. My normal day consists of one large salad, 5 fruits, 1-2 raw bars, and either one green juice or Raw Power protein coconut smoothie.

Questions & things I'm still figuring out...

I am the first person to admit that I am far from having everything figured out when it comes to raw food and bodybuilding. But what I can promise, is that I'll be honest about those areas and explore them publicly on this blog. Here are a few things I'm thinking about right now:

  • Does your body make its own protein or is it necessary to supplement protein into your diet to make muscle gains?
  • What exactly is the difference between "cooked muscle" and "raw muscle"?
  • Can your body detoxify and build muscle at the same time?
  • Is it necessary to eat large amounts of food to get the large muscle size?

Eat Raw, Get Ripped Weekly Report

Keep posted for weekly reports on how to Eat Raw & Get Ripped. I hope to explore the questions above and the one's that I get from reader mail (vinit at dboost dot com).

With all that being said, finally, I'd like to leave readers with a little inspiration. Just Do It! You don't need to have it all figured out to start getting results. Start today and figure it out while you make progress.