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In The Raw on Current.TV

Matt Monarch's recent feature on CurrentTV. The clip also features our good friend Angela Stokes, (see her before & after).




first off, I want to say that I'm glad people like Matt Monarch are out there promoting raw food and everything.

However, I also want to offer constructive criticism. The part of this video that bothered me was the "celerey, dandelion, kale" juice part. My opinion is that this kind of juice is not edible to the average person and I think he's being reactionary to his previous diet which he said in the video included "two double double hamburgers" from In-N-Out burger.

My opinion is that if the raw food "movement" is going to be successful that it needs to be less reactionary and a little more practical. I personally prefer Victoria Boutenko's research on the raw diet which includes mixing fruits with greens in order to make the greens more edible.


He looks so much better before RAW in my opinion, when he looked like a "guy". Now he looks like a lesbian. Going raw sure does wonders. He's so skinny, it's kinda scary.


Regarding Matt being reactionary. I know the guy and he's in no way an advocate of going raw overnight. I think the clip is just a highlight of his life in about 3 minutes.

If you've ever read his book or gone to one of his talks, you'll see that he believes in transitioning into raw foods as it's easier on the body. The way the clip was spliced and pieced together may have given an incorrect view of what he promotes.

You may want to check out his book Raw Spirit as it talks about his struggles with raw and why it isn't something you want to just jump into like he did.


To Matt's credit, I really enjoyed this video and forwarded it to all my other aspiring-raw friends. His energy it totally infectious, I ended up watching it several times. I feel it doesn't matter what he looks like. It's clear from the clip he is someone who is Living Life Alive, energetic, and certainly happy. At the end of the day, that's what really matters. And I can appreciate and aspire to get to the level he is too, raw for several years, enjoying blended greens on their own.


I agree, Matt is really inspiring and his energy is awesome. He shows some of the great benefits of being raw and living great. I hope to someday have the success and energy he does. :)


What Matt said about all of the problems in life coming to the surface when your mind is clear is SO true. Thats why I stopped once it got to that point and i've tried it several times. I just couldn't handle it, when I was happy it was great but when personal problems popped up I was so unhappy and depressed. My emotions were extreme, at the time I didn't know that was normal and I freaked out. I still don't know if I could deal with it but at least I know its normal. But I really want to try this again and get through the mental problems and see how I can adjust...grin and bear it.

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