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LifeFood Interview with Annie Jubb

Patrick Timpone, Texas's top health Sherpa, is well known for having the best and brightest minds on his weekly radio show, (590 KLBJ AM). Patrick has featured David Wolfe, Dr. David Jubb, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and, featured here, Annie Jubb.

Annie Jubb, well experienced in the power of live food, talks to Patrick about, "Why it's better to fast on LifeFood rather than just water; the role of magnesium and MSM in the body; skin brushing, inflammation and the benefits from dew drops....and that is just some of the first hour."

Hour 1

Hour 2

Via Raw Food Info: Annie Jubb is co-author of the LifeFood Recipe Book, Colloidal Biology and Secrets of an Alkaline Body, along with 5 other books on Whole Brain Functioning (WBF), the training program co-created with her [former] partner of 15 years, David Jubb Ph.D. Annie is known to her clients as a shaman, healer, spiritual leader, amazing speaker, an expert in the body-mind-spirit connection.