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Raw Food Blog Round Up

Educational, interesting and even humorous posts from the raw food blog network.

The Social Aspects of Eating a Raw Food Diet
First, if you plan to consume anything less than a 100% raw food diet (which is fine), you won't run into the challenges as someone who wants to go 100% raw. You can just simply have cooked food on those occasions when you can't get raw. If doing so, do your best to make sure the food is as healthy as possible.

Review of Halloween Dinner at The Plant via Ladies of The Plant
"The challenge: to fill my skeptical carnivorous dining partner up so no late-night stop at the taco stand down the street would be necessary." Verdict? "I left happy and full."

Gandhi was a Rawie
“It is my firm conviction that man need take no milk at all beyond the mother’s milk that he takes as a baby. His diet should consist of nothing but sunbaked fruits and nuts."

Paul Nison: Raw Life (Video)
The benefits of eating foods raw are: Increased energy, Ideal weight, Clearer thinking, Quicker meals, Lower cost, Great taste!

Green Juice Kick
I'm too lazy to get out the juicer so every morning I've been blending celery, cucumber, kale or parsley, lemon or lime, and a little beet. Then I strain it through my sprout bag and take it too work. I sip on it and I can't believe that it fills me up at least until noon. Love it!

Healing Heartburn with Celery Juice
Heartburn usually occurs because of an acid system, because of indigestion, and because the digestive track does not make enough hydrochloric acid. The best heartburn treatment is to drink celery juice, and eat digestive enzymes.

Raw Thanksgiving Recipes!
Despite being on the raw path now for more than two years, we have yet to have a full raw Thanksgiving... But this week, we will be testing recipes for raw mashed potatoes, raw stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, as well as creating a few raw recipes of our own

Raw Recipes that anyone can make in less than 10 minutes
Karen Knowler: It’s a complete myth that raw food eating needs to be complicated and time consuming – i.e. suitable only for those who want to spend hours chopping, grinding, slicing and peeling - or toiling over a warm dehydrator all day!

Green is Clean
There comes a time in every Raw Foodist to take on a cleanse. There are all types, but I have decided to try a Green Cleanse. I have to admit I am a little nervous, will I be able to stick to it?, how will it make me feel?, will I be hungry all the time?, what do I have to do? Well, I am about to find ou

Diary of a Fruitarian Girl
12 midnight I had an orange, 2 am a peach, 8 am two bananas, 930 orange juice, 1230 pm bowl of papaya chunks and lime juice, 2:30 two avocados mashed with lime juice, 330pm smoothie haas avocado, 2 bananas and juice 1 lime, 4pm 2 avocados rode my bike 14 miles and listened to Opera on my Ipod Nano.