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Raw Skin Care - 2 Lessons

Skin Care is a particularly interesting subject to me. I had pretty bad acne at between the ages of 15 and 19. I tried over-the-counter products like Proactiv Solution and various things by Neutrogena. With no success it was onto prescription medication. The prescriptions did reduce the acne, but my skin was incredibly dry, had weird side effects on my energy levels and left me with scar tissue. Fed up with shit that didn't seem to work, I synchronistically I ran into a mentor who would forever change my relationship with health.

After only two weeks of eating totally raw my skin was already starting to looking 'oh so fine'. It was like I magically tapped into something that no product ever was able to give me. Every month that followed, my skin got better and better and the scar tissue slowly started to fade away. After the switch to raw, the only time my skin would break-out would be when I ate something that didn't agree with my system. Today, almost 6 years later, my skin is very healthy although, you can still see a little scar tissue on my face. In due time I know even the last bit of scar tissue will fade away.

I learned a few important lessons during this transformation process:

Lesson One: Try to only put things on your face that you'd feel comfortable putting in your mouth

Lesson Two: If you don't have a diet rich in raw foods, no product will ever lead to truly healthy skin

Lesson One
Although lesson one is a tough one, and I did break it every so often with the help of Aveda, overall I tried to stick to skin care that was based on organic/raw papaya, flax, msm, avocado and coconut oil mixtures. Every few days my staple raw skin care routine included drinking some lemon-water with a spoon full of msm powder and rubbing coconut oil on my face and body.

Avoid at all costs any standard shampoos and soaps. Almost all of them are way too harsh and their toxic non-organic ingredients are easily absorbable by your skin pores. If you are using any of the standard shampoos, soaps or lotions from your grocers isle, please switch to something organic today, (see Sarma's Glow section for some great suggestions).

Sometimes organic skin care products can get a little expensive, so I also suggest making your own versions at home. The ones I've made are so good that I often want want to eat them! If you are looking for raw, organic and homemade skin care recipes, I highly recommend checking out  David Wolfe's book, Eating for Beauty. It has some great face mask recipes and also talks about the world's most beautylicious foods.

Lesson Two
Celebrities and models have Photoshop and some people (very few people) have really good genes, but overall, if you don't have a diet rich in raw foods, you're likelihood of maintain amazing skin, not just good skin, into your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond is super slim. David Wolfe once told me, "Every bite you take is a brush stroke that is painted on this portrait called You!" So the real question is, what quality paints are you using to paint that picture?

As it's said, the proof is in the pudding. There are people out there, even in your area, that have been eating raw food for long enough to be a living example of what's possible. Find them, seek them out and find out what they do!

When I first met my mentor, Nature Love, I thought he was 28 tops. How surprised was I when he told me he was almost 40? Karyn Calabrese from Chicago, who was featured on Oprah for her amazing skin, is also another example of what's possible. Would you ever guess she is 60 something years old?

Healthy, vibrant and glowing skin is there for your taking, and the best part about it is you won't need Botox or a little Nip/Tuck action to get it. We're on the verge of a Raw Beauty Revolution and this is just the beginning.

And hey, by the way, when you get all sexy (not saying you aren't right now), don't forget to send us your photo so that the world can be inspired by what's possible!