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Raw vs Cooked Beauty

Raw isn't just a a term for food that's not cooked, it's a metaphor for real. And on the flip side, cooked doesn't just mean cooked food, it's a synonym for fake.

Our image of beauty is one of those things in life that is severely cooked. I'm talking deep-fried and microwaved with lard. All you have to do is take a glance at any magazine shop and you'll see a whole host of Photoshoped celebrities that have been brought to an image of perfection by a computer. Keep turning the pages and you'll see evidence of hair extensions, botox, $2500 an hour make-up artist and a little Nip/Tuck action.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I love a pretty face! And I am fully aware that no one is forcing America to watch 5 hours of MTV's True life: I Want A Famous Face or subscribe to the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. So hold off on the hate mail and just hear me out for a second.

There is nothing wrong with our appreciation of beauty, (genetically, a symmetrical face and body is an indication of strong and healthy gene potential). The challenge comes when our appreciation of beauty turns into an obsession. People, especially youth, are trying to look like celebrities without really knowing two major things:

  1. That most celebrity beauty they see is a bag full of make-up & computer trickery


  2. That you really can become beautiful if you understand how true health works

As the average diet get worse and the entertainment trickery becomes greater, one of the biggest pushes to a diet rich in raw food foods is going to be vanity. The health factor will be huge, but the physical results and transformation that comes from going raw will surpass everything else. Call it right or wrong, but it's the truth.

So although our current version of beauty is cooked to a crisp, the side result is that the world is ready for something real and definitely something raw.

Eat Raw, Get Sexy, Spread the Word! It's time for a real beauty make over.