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RAWvolution comes to New York City


Alicia Silverstone, Cher, Carol Alt, Andy Dick and a bunch of other Hollywooders agree - Rawvolution's home delivery box of prepared, organic, raw foods kicks ass. But you don't have to be a star or live in LA to enjoy the euphoric flavor of Rawvolution. As of last month, Rawvolution's Box has officially arrived in the Big Apple.

Via Energy-Project: Not your typical food delivery service, RAWvolution —L.A.’s healthiest fast food business— brings its signature gourmet raw cuisine to New York City! Starting in October, health conscious food lovers who want to enjoy delicious and energizing gourmet cuisine in the comfort of their own home— without having to make it themselves— can simply visit an easy to use website and order it online!

Building on its success on the West Coast and a demand for healthy living food options in the East Coast market, RAWvolution is opening shop in its new, second home in Brooklyn and is sure to win the favor of New York's health conscious food lovers with mouth-watering delicacies that you can bring to work or have waiting for you when you return from a long day.

Box pricing runs around $110 to $150, + $40 shipping (which includes shipping). This includes 2 savory soups, 4 gourmet entrées, 4 side dishes and 2 delicious desserts.

You can order from Rawvolution online or by phone, 1-800- 9976-RAW.