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Sexy Bitches Like it Raw!

From the tag team duo at sexybitcheslikeitraw.com

Hah, ya... we're speechless.

Maybe West Side Raw and Sexy Bitches Raw could double date?




As a woman, this video is truly offensive and distasteful. I'm surprised to see it on your web site. It makes one think that you must have run out of things to put on here.

Karen Knowler

As another woman I think this is really fun! They've clearly worked really hard to pull it together, it's really entertaining, and I think they'll reach lots of new people by being uniquely them.

It's certainly attention getting!... And if you read their web site (or even re-watch the clip) you'll see that there's actually a lot of soul in their message, they've just giftwrapped it in a way that reaches some 21st century types ; )

Different strokes for different folks and all that...

Emily Minerva

I think it's great! It's fun, and tey look fantastic and healthy. I can't wait for episode two!!


Why degrade oneself by using the b-word? I don't care what anyone says. I've never felt empowered by calling myself a BITCH. A bitch is a female dog and a woman who acts like one. I wouldn't even pay attention to anyone who uses a cuss word to describe themselves.

Chris Whitcoe

I am not into men or women degrading themselves for money or any other reason. I realize when I look back on it how I reacted. When I first read the headline, I instantly thought "what the...?" and *immediately* checked it out. Especially knowing it was talking about raw food.

After watching the video, I have to admit it was entertaining, and the only section that I would consider possibly degrading was the brief moment of the women clothed entirely in fruit. Nothing was revealed, and the shot was absolutely a work of art.

These women are sexy, but not slutty, and certainly not bitches in the way they portray themselves in the video. They are fun to watch, funny, and have a much better chance of reaching the 20 something and under "market" than other approaches I have seen.

In this information-saturated world, a title like "Sexy Bitches..." is attention getting, and if it offends some people, it will at the same time attract other people.

The message of eating and health is ultimately what is important, and we have a lot of deep pockets vying for yours and my food purchase decisions in the supermarkets of the nation.

I wish these talented women much luck in helping make a difference.

Chris C

Hey guys they have put a lot of hard work it seems into making this an entertaining look at cooking food! what you want some borning girl to stand there and make a recipe or you want some sexy b:) to do it and make it funny and entertaining! let me think... ... YOU GO GIRLS!


As another female, I thought the bitches were fantastic. I was wondering when they were going to make an episode, and I thought it was very entertaining. They obviously have alot of passion for raw food, and thier added diversity was sure welcome by me. The eceltic mix of style with hip hop vernacular was endearing. I think thier web site rocks, and am looking forward to more episodes.


I think it was entertaining and would love to see more. They got the point across and had fun doing it. Some people need to lighten up in this life. We are only here once.


I like the video SexyBitchesLikeItRaw, I did not see any thing offensive wtihit at all. If they want to call themselvesa bitch then that's their issue, however it was very entertaining, and I learned how to make a new herb dressing in a fun way.

I love it, can't wait for episode 2.

As for Ann Curry, give me a break, she looks every bit of 50 (crow feet and all).

Super Goji Girl

Mystique and Amae are some of the coolest girls i have ever met! This video proves they are getting out there and saving the world!!!


I always appreciate an inventive new way to promote raw. I'm not at all offended by how the ladies have chosen to promote it, however, I guess I just don't find the production all that funny.

Maybe, it's because I'm African-American and the whole folks acting "down" with the "yo-Yo-Yo" stuff just gets a little old after a while. Especially, when you come from one of the communities that the whole "act" stemmed from.

I wish them all the best and encourage them to keep going as they are truly talented women. Just giving my opinion. I'm sure African-Americans, and etc., other cultures who live with folks who genuinely talk this way on a daily basis may find this funny, maybe not. Again, just my opinion.


i thought it was fantastic. i'm all into women's empowerment but it's all in good fun. you must have a sense of humor and realize it's just tongue in cheek for pete's sake!

rawsome vids to say the least.

these bitches are great!


I appreciate these two great talented entertainers and their videos for I spent money on popular raw food books trying to learn how to prepare meals,
but discouraged threw the books away: the recipes tasted awful. More discouragement when the dr says lose weight-life altering reasons; And I know Raw is the way I want to go.
So, everything helps-Good Recipes and being entertained-especially a Variety cooking show-wish there were more Variety shows-alittle singing, laughing, dancing, dressing up crazy. It's good medicine.
I am older, but they remind me of the comedy team-Laverne and Shirley- very spirited and funny.


As an 18-year old female, I applaud these women for their ingenious approach that clearly differs from the all too popular "nazi" approach to helping people eat more raw food. I'm already 60% raw and these talented ladies with their tongue-in-cheek shows have inspired me to increase that percentage more so than most of the books I've read preaching the value of a raw diet. Thank you Mystique and Amae!


Too bad sex sells. I wish they weren't naked.


"Bitch" does not have to be taken literally ! For example in the book "why men love bitches", the word "bitch" stands for a strong woman (as opposed to a doormat nice-girl)who knows what she is, xpects the man to meet her half way in a relationship and will not lower her standards or sacrifice herself for his ego.

Rachel Radness!

i love these bitches!!!
props to them for having fun and being creative! i think their website rocks so hard, and the video was entertaining and informative.
it seems that so many people are lured into the raw diet for weight loss or to cure health problems, but their approach appeals to kids like me (okay, i'm 22...) who just want to amplify life naturally and be vibrant and live out loud.


I LOVE these girls!!! They are so much fun and actually have really tasty recipes. What everyone needs to realize is that they are not degrading themselves. If they make you uncomfortable you should ask yourself why. I am actually offended that a word for a female dog is "bad". I love my female dog more than many humans I have encountered. She is loving and feisty and loyal. What is wrong with that. These two are so incredibly alive and feel free to be themselves. Isn't that a beautiful thing!!! Hats off to The Sexy Bitches Who Like It Raw!!!!

Rawsome Chef - Katherine Marion

Very innovative and highly entertaining!

Slick, sexy, colorful in many a female empowered manner ... and well-edited.

Looks like a hot pilot for a col food show.


Special K

Rawsome Chef - Katherine Marion

Very innovative and highly entertaining!

Slick, sexy, colorful in many a female empowered manner ... and well-edited.

Looks like a hot pilot for a col food show.


Special K


B- Beautiful
I- Intelligent
T- Talented
C- Creative
H- Healthy
E- Empowered
S- Sexy

This is their acronym for what it means to them. Go to their website: www.sexybitcheslikeitraw.com

Also, get a grip people life isn't meant to be so serious.

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