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She Likes It Raw: Penni

Pennirawfood Name: Penni

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Interests: I'm such a foodie!!  I love creating and styling raw dishes. I adore books and magazines.....on the raw food lifestyle, photography, design, fashion, travel and literature. I enjoy long walks, gardening, sketching, and being outside in nature.

Fav. Raw Dish: As much as I enjoy making my own raw food delights.....I am recently obsessed with the malamars at Pure Food and Wine.  They are like a s'more, only pure, raw and actually good for you.  They are what I dream about in between my trips to NYC!  Other than that....I have this recipe for raw marinara sauce that is to die for.  My husband and I love it slightly warmed and served over ever so lightly steamed fresh veggies with raw parmesan nut cheese bits on top.  It's our favorite cold weather dish as well as as an awesome transitional meal for raw newbies!

Words of Inspiration: Making the choice to take better care of ourselves is something we can cultivate at anytime.  I don't believe there is a right or wrong in choosing raw food....it can be a highly individual path. Once you incorporate it into your lifestyle it can be highly addictive in a positive sense. And the more we do it, the better we feel, the lighter we become and the more natural it seems.  So, don't beat yourself up if you aren't 100% disciplined, raw or organic.  This diet isn't a religion it is simply a deeply appreciated gift of better health to yourself!

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Penni, you are an inspiration for men around the world to encourage their wives to eat raw!

And since I don't have a wife, you are an inspiration for me to ask you if you have a sister who is single!


Dhru...You are too sweet. I don't have a sister, but I do know some really amazing raw hotties.....hmmmmmmm, who could I pick for you??!!

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