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Will it blend?

Great video campaign by BlendTec. Thanks to Heidi & Justin + Seth for the link.

Our buddy and WLIR member Neel has this blender and he swears by it! I personally have only used a VitaMix. Price wise, they both range around $400.00.

Which blender do you prefer?



Elvis Ripley

I am really going back and forth between the two. Sometimes I like the buttons and sometimes I think I would rather have the variable knob that I control myself but this blender is even more powerful than the VitaMix so it just sort of blends anything (as you can see from the video) but maybe I will want to do something slow. I can't really think of something but it might come up.


So glad you're talking about blenders. I'm holding off investing in a blender as I have one big question about the VitaMix. Though everyone in the Raw Lifestyle movement seems to love the VitaMix, if it's so powerful that it heats up your food, is that not a reason to buy a blender that keeps your raw smoothie raw? I'd be devastated to find that after all that effort my green smoothie was heated to such an extent that I was pretty much defeating the object!

Elvis Ripley

If you blend for a few minutes it warms up but any normal smoothie would be done in a few seconds (maybe 20-40) so it is far from the point when friction starts to heat everything up.

Elvis Ripley

I got one and it is really sweet. I used a Vita Mix for comparison and really like the Blendtec more. It is more powerful but I like using the buttons with preset programs but you can also use the speed buttons then you have the normal blender controls. The pitcher is also wider and easier to clean.

For the heating thing. I made some soup and it took about 120 seconds before the refrigerated ingredients go up to a touch over 100 degrees. The normal soup cycle is around 70 seconds. I stopped the cycle short the first time to add something so that is why I didn't check the temperature at 140 seconds. I imagine that for most soups twice on the soup button would still be 'raw.' My smoothies are super cold so I don't think they are being heated much if at all for the short but fast smoothie cycle. I just drank some orange, tangerine whole food juice with room temperature ingredients and it was also cool in temperature and this cycle was going very fast towards the end.

The ingredients in my smoothie this morning were totally demolished and the consistency was the smoothest I have ever had, at home or out. Here is a picture of the over filled blender before I turned it on.



Finally settled on the Vita-Mix over the Blendtec, maybe partly in reaction to the Blendtec commercials -- this is for the kitchen, not the garage, so I don't really care if it can blend a rake handle. The real decider for me was the toggle-and-variable-dial control over the preprogrammed buttons. I like to feel like I'm controlling the machine rather than vice versa. I've been very happy with the Vita-Mix. Personally I think it's silly to heat soup via extended blending -- I start with hot ingredients for a hot soup -- but I imagine that if you live where electricity is cheap and gas is expensive and you have a gas stove, maybe it works out to be more efficient, who knows. I'm not strictly a raw foodie, but this blender definitely expands my raw horizons and options.

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