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Kookie Karma & gLiving.tv


From Kookie Karma & gLiving.TV

Juli Novotny has joined G Living as a regular contributor to Green Chefs and our G Living Editorials. Juli will also be joining us on G Living Live in upcoming shows and demonstrating how she makes her famous raw cookies!

Juli Novotny is the Founder and President of Kookie Karma, my favorite raw food cookie. These healthy cookies are gaining popularity with health conscious crowds. They are well stocked and in high demand at Whole Foods and many other organic food grocers. Some of the flavors include Cherry Cashew, Banana Bread, Lemon Fig, Carob Truffle and Granola Bar.

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We love Juli and we love her Kookies. The WLIR Squad can't wait to hear from from her and the gLiving crew.