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Angela's 3 Month Juice Feasting Experience

Angela Stokes, yes that before-and-after-hottie, has just completed a whopping 92-Day Juice Feast, (different from a juice fast). The above video of Angela is a debriefing of her experience and the wave of emotions and feelings she experienced and continues to experience after her feast.

You can read more about Angela's experience and read about her raw foods tips at rawreform.com


Angela Stokes

Hey all :)
I'm really happy to say that this video is also now up on the Current TV site, here:


If you go there and hit 'greenlight this video', it will help to get this vid entered onto TV and spread the message even further ;)
One love to all,
Angela. xxx


Wow...her eyes are absolutely piercing now. What an inspiration!

James Dalton

Wow thats crazy. Drinking for 92 days, that should take alot of mental power. Thats a long time, whoa


She's so intense about eating prunes..teehee :)


I wonder if she needed any sort of surgery with that amount of dramatic weight loss? Or if it was so slow her body was able to keep its elasticity? I'm sure raw food helps with that too (elasticity of skin).


Why did you pick prunes to come off your juice feast?

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