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Sarma on Howard Stern

Sarma_melngailis_1 Our very own Sarma Melngailis  was chatted about today, quite indepthly I might add, on the Howard Stern Show.

The King of Radio actually visited Pure Food and Wine a few days ago and totally enjoyed his experience. Now you can add Howard Stern to the long list of folks, (president Bill Clinton, supermodel Gisele, actor Kevin Bacon and so many others) who have been wowed by Sarma and her team. Go Raw!

And if you like Pure Food and Wine, you'll love Sarma's One Lucky Duck.



After hearing about this restaurant on Stern's show today, I definitely want to check this place out next time I am in NYC. This doesn't sound like a lifestyle for me, but I definitely want to sample the cuisine!
Outer Banks, NC


Would you get on the Sybian?


what a great place to visit... Ready And Willing!!! how raw are you?


howard was right.. she is a piece of ass.



I think Howard would totally welcome you on the show and you could get some nice plugs and information out there regarding the raw food movement.

It is obvious that Howard was taken with you and I'm sure you have plenty of stories to tell to be a great interview!

Roberto Villa

Why would any guy get tired of banging Sarma(Stupid ex-husband). Look at her, she's HOT. Boy, would I like to....to Sarma.


would eating the corn out of her sh*t still fall under the raw food lifestyle?


Howard Stern is a disaster, in my personal opinion and he would fare much better if he would begin eating a raw food diet. He is so immature, antagonistic and obviously has an imbalance in his hormones. I hope Sarma will maintain her elegance and integrity, not being enticed or fooled by his false charm, vulgarity and over the top distastefulness. Did I mention I don't care for the guy?


In response to the question about why sarma's ex stopped "banging" her, it was because she was cheating on him with a server at their restaurant. Lady's kind of annoying, too.

How did you know the reason why they broke up lisa?

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