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A country in need of you

Hundreds of studies a year are released touting the amazing benefits of eating more fruits and veggies. Yet the reality is that the average American's consumption of fruits and vegetables hasn't changed in the last 10 years. In fact, fewer than 1/3 of the population are even eating the minimum FDA recommendations.

Yes, people know fruits and veggies are good for them. But they don't know that they are life changing. Like reverse cancer, say good bye to diabetes, fix Medicare, no more prescription drugs, my-kid-looks-forward-to-school-lunch life changing. You feel me?

The current "gate-keepers" aren't going to do much about it. Not only do they see it as "risky", but to be honest, they aren't glowing with health. How much can you really care/know about true health if you aren't a shinning example?

So who's left? Well, it's us. Me and you and this growing community of people that have experienced first hand the importance of true food. It's us reading, learning, experiencing and sharing. It's us inviting others over for dinner. It's us blogging, myspace'n and networking. It's setting the demand and creating the infrastructure for change to happen.

The current plan that the nation is on happened default. People don't chose, on purpose, to live unhealthy lives. Rather living this way has become the nation's de facto plan. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

Someone out there - maybe your spouse, a co-woker, coach, best friend, teacher, student, kid, grandparent, or cousin is waiting for you to share something with them. Something specific and simple that makes them feel good. Possibly a tip, recipie or experience.

One day someone did the same for you, (and me). And look at you now - spending time reading about raw foods and whatnot. ; )

Your country awaits.