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Alissa Cohen on Tyra Banks

Video: Click here to check out the clip of Alissa on the Tyra Show

A few weeks ago we reported that Alissa Cohen would be on the Tyra Banks show. The title of the show was "Diet Wars" and Alissa was up against Jillian Michaels and Dr. Ian Smith in an all out transformation challenge. All three diet experts were given two lovely women to work with over a period of 3 months. The goal? To see which pair of women could lose the most amount of weight with the help of their coach.

Well, this weekend I finally got around to seeing the results (via Russel Jame's Blog). The first clip is specifically team Alissa's results. The clip is actually very inspirational and just a tad bit awkward, all at the same time. Watch and you'll see.

Looks like Alissa got a bit shafted. It turns out that you actually have to do what your coach says to get results! Who would have thought! Actually, I feel bad for Sara, (the girl who didn't try the diet). Not only did she look a little bit salty, but she actually has no clue what she is missing.

So how did Alissa do out overall? Here's a clip of the finale:

Even though Alissa didn't win, there is no denying that Jhosie had the biggest transformation out of all the ladies. Not only did her skin look amazing, but Jhosie actually lost more weight than any of the women. You go girl!

And it seems raw food had a lasting impression on Tyra and her viewers. Just a couple of weeks ago Carol Alt was on the show with talking about her raw food transformation. She brought a few cases of Sarma's famous ice cream and I heard the audience went nuts!

Is the raw food movement cook'n or what!?!


Elvis Ripley

I was beginning to think this wouldn't ever get wrapped up. Sara really missed out and it didn't seem like they dealt with why she didn't stick with the diet. It would have been great to hear something other than just being busy. I also would have rather had David Wolfe feed everyone cacao until they go crazy.

pretty me

She also had information about after the show on her web site. It was within a radio interview.

Pretty Me

Alissa stated that everyone came up to her after the show and told their testamonies about family members who had healed from raw food. She also said that Dr. Ian said that he knew she would win because part of his plan included "detoxing." I agree Sara looked uncomfortable. She said that Sara paniced a week before the show and did a juice fast to lose the six pounds.


I am so glad that Alissa Cohen was on the Tyra Banks show. Because of this, I got my first introduction to raw foods. I bought Alissa's book and have been 28 days raw, I feel great!
Alissa's recipes are wicked easy and mighty tasty!
Much love to raw fooders!

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