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Going beyond evidence

Like a master detective, our minds scour the field looking for evidence. Why? To build a case of course!

To build a case for how this week will go. To build a case for what's working and what isn't. To build a case for how to be around others.

But, there is problem with this detective's evidence - it's just plain faulty. Rather than being based on actual facts, most of the evidence is based on witness interpretation and the detective's own subjectivity. So, naturally, the case that this evidence is based upon is a sham from the start.

Here's where things get really messed up...

The same detective that collected the faulty evidence is actually the judge and the jury. You know, it's like one of those horror films about a really bizarre small town where everything is out of whack.

Except this horror film is real and it's called My Life. Guess who has the leading role?

The horror in our lives starts when we begin to believe the subjective evidence that our mind has built up. From that point it is only a matter of time before we build a case for how we should react. This includes a list of things we can and cannot do. Reasons and justifications for why things are the way that they are. And why we are powerless to bring change to the situation.

To literally stop the madness, it's an absolute must to go beyond evidence. When you've made a choice to transcend evidence you are only left with one thing. The present moment baby!

The most beautiful thing about the present moment is that it only cares about Now. Fuck what happened yesterday and last week - Now is all you have. And when Now is all you have, building momentum is fun and exciting. Why? Because you don't get in the way of yourself with your damn list of shaky evidence. The present moment momentum takes over and a strange thing happens. You stop worrying about the problem being solved and you start enjoying the process. Congratulations, life is actually fun again.

Today is a new day. Today is your day to go beyond evidence. But it will only happen if you make time to for it to happen. If you don't schedule it now, your ego will resist.

All you need is a few minutes - 10 will do. Grab a pen and paper, sit in a quite area where you won't be disturbed, and just start writing. It is as simple as writing short list of problems and the evidence that is associated to each one.

You may not immediately know what to do about a "problem". That's okay. Darkness is automatically removed by the presence of light. Shine light on your evidence daily and watch the magic happen.

A little Inspiration (if you need it)