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He Likes It Raw: Matthew Sherrill

Matthewsherrill Reader profiles are back!

Matthew Sherrill

Location: Italy, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Greece, New York City

Interests: Meditation, Yoga, Website Design, Fasting & Liver Cleansing 

Fav. Raw Dish: A bowl of whole unshelled walnuts and a nutcracker.  Yum!

Words of Inspiration: To all whom read this… You are loved unconditionally.  Know it.  Feel it.  Believe it.  Experience it.  Rejoice within its security as would a child in the arms of its mother. Meditate.

More from Matt at www.matthewsherrill.com

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Hey Mattew!

How are ya? Hope your doin' good! I just wanted to say 'Hi!'



Hi Matt, just wanted to drop in and say hello.

Carly Hendrickson

As a child I lived in Greenlawn/ Kankakee & am now into health & fitness. How interesting to come across an enlightened man with the same name as my childhood friend...

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