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WLIR featured on G Living TV


We Like It Raw is very pleased to be the subject of this week's G Living feature.
You can watch the interview here.

The WLIR ambassadors for this interview were Gabe Anderson and myself, Dhrumil Purohit.

Gabe and I have a blast recoding at the G Living studio. Rory (Host), Marie (Host) and Chris (founder of G Living) were just amazing kind hearted people. Their commitment to the support the Green community is beautiful and their website rocks. Their work makes you feel excited to be Green.




go dhru!! :) i'm so proud of you. YOu really are an inspiration to all of us.


dhru, you look like a peace ambassador.
both of you look like studs and should be rawfood ambassadors.

dhru, tell me the secret.




Could you be anymore gorgeous??

Karen Knowler

Wow, what a great piece!

Nice to see you both "in the flesh" (kinda!)

Really great interview and you couldn't have done it better either of you.


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