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Audrey Cooked, Audrey Raw


Say hello to the new Audrey Walker. Disease free, filled with abundance, and 60lbs lighter - a total health  and spiritual transformation.

For many years Audrey suffered with a whole host of health issues. Within the first few weeks on a raw food diet she started noticing BIG changes:

"I had been suffering for months, trying everything under the sun and a simple diet change relieved my pain! I kept at it and I was completely pain free with two weeks. My IBS and depression and anxiety were all gone within the first month. I was ecstatic! I was getting my life back!"

Audrey also managed to get her mental, emotional and spiritual well-being back by changing her lifestyle:

"I’m so much more relaxed, positive and hopeful about the future. I feel much more spiritually connected. I have moments of absolute joy for no apparent reason. I now look forward to each day with a sense of optimism and wonder. It is truly wonderful to be alive."

Audrey now offers coaching to individuals who are facing similar issues. You can read more about that and more of her transformation story at rawhealing.com