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Raw Food Network Happenings

Are you up to something interesting and down-right raw? Send us an email and we'll try to include you in our raw food happenings feature.

Empowered Foods

Alex, from rawguru.com, has launched a new raw snack food company. Some of their amazingly tasty products include Wild Jungle Peanut Butter Cups, Durian Chocolate Kisses™, Chocolate Coated Wild Ice Cream & Apple Bananas, and RAWtella™ Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. Full WLIR product review coming next week.

Pure Food and Wine Garden

The outdoor garden at Sarma's world renowned restaurant is now open (photo). If you are planning on being in New York City soon, we highly recommend adding this to your to do list. And if you aren't planning on being in NYC soon, you may want to reevaluate your spring/summer plans.

Tina's Book Project

WLIR reader Tina Marquez is working on an exciting new book project and needs your help. She is looking for "individuals who take action and want to create or are already living a meaningful life. If you would like to impact others in a positive way during this lifetime, you are what I am looking for." Email Tina (LiveLifeExperiences at gmail.com) or call (805) 201- 0609 for more details 

New Leaf News

Our good buddy, Chris Whitcoe, has a fun raw friendly podcast out. Episode 3 topics include: Interview with Sergei Boutenko, Thought of the Week via David Rain, Down on the Mat - Sun Salutation Explained and more. Episode 2 featured a nice segment on conscious hip hop.

The Almond Milk Book

Kristin Whitcoe wants to get you excited about raw almonds. She recently completed a 57 page recipe book about the luscious nuts that is "mom, kid, and family-friendly". The book also features her family's personal experience transitioning to healthier "milk" choices and tons of raw resources.

Hands Off My Almonds!

WLIR reader, code name RomyVoor, forwarded us this great sample letter to protest the pasteurization mandatory pasteurization of almonds. Download it here (Word document).

Raw College Students

No, not porn! This is the very active Raw Food group on Facebook. If you are a college or high school student be sure sign up to meet like minded folk.

Bamboo Fashion for Raw Foodies

Bryan Au, from Raw In Ten, has launched a bamboo/eco clothing line. First few clothes include a few Bamboo Organic Cotton Skirts and an Organic Cotton T-shirt. His models are pretty hot!

Angela Stokes Interview 

Jinjee, from The Garden Diet, does a 53-minute interview with Angela Stokes (pictures). To view the interview you have to sign-up for The Natural Paradigm ($10/month).

All Things Chocolate (via WLIR reader Joz)

Don and Carmella, from The Sunny Raw Kitchen, have put together a ridiculous guide to raw chocolate. The guide includes like 20 different chocolate recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos. Well done!