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Alex's Story

Editor's Note: Today's youth feature is on Alex Malinsky. Alex is young visionary, entrepreneur and friend of WLIR. If his name sounds familiar, it's not an accident. Alex runs the very popular website RawGuru.com where he's interviewed everyone from David Wolfe to our very own Sarma Melngailis. He also sells hand crafted raw treats that are sure to blow your mind.

Alex started experimenting with conscious diet choices around the age of 13 and has been learning and growing since. Here's his story on how he got started and some of the challenges he overcame.

My Story
by Alex Malinsky

The earth accepted me on January 9th 1985. I was born in Kiev, Moscow in the coldest month of the year. About two years later my mother was pregnant with my brother. That same year the power plant Chernobyl exploded and we were told to move. All the mothers and kids were told to evacuate. So, my mother took me and we moved to Krim for a couple of months. Later, we applied for a visa and were on our way to America.

I started school and adopted the SAD [standard American diet] diet. At first I didn't like American food, but then it became an addiction. I was always eating ice cream and junk food. As the years went by I became weaker. My stomach was always in pain. Almost every night I took Tums and I felt better, but eventually Tums didn't cut it. My nose was always stuffed because I would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I didn't know that all of these symptoms were caused by the food I ate back then. However, I continued eating junk food all the way through middle school.

In 6th grade I found a passion for food. I started preparing it for family and friends. I would go to my local book store and sit there for hours reading cookbooks and taking notes on recipes. I loved shopping for fresh ingredients and transforming them into scrumptious meals.

One day my mother gave me some cook books; I looked through them and found a book by Norman Walker. I started reading it and immediately put it down. "No cooking!? Cooking is what I love to do. I can't give that up," I told myself. I was disappointed. Later that night I went to the book store to find a cookbook I was looking for, but instead, I found something better, a book called Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond. I started reading it and bought it that night. I finished reading it the next day, and it changed my whole view on foods. I went back to the Walker books and read them; they made sense right away. I no longer looked at pizza as food, now it was just a drug.

I went to school the next day and saw people eating pizza, cookies, chips and soda. No one touched the salads. I got myself a slice of pizza and examined it, picked it up and took a bite. I felt awful; I stood up and threw it away. That was my last taste of cooked food and my first step in regaining true health. After that day, I got every book I could on nutrition, raw foods and well-being. I wanted to achieve superior health. I didn't want to be sick anymore or have stomach aches. I wanted to breathe!

I began to read day and night about raw foods. It was hard; I had no support except the books I was reading. I shopped with my mother and told her about organic food. I told her I would eat it, so she bought it. I began to eat fruits and salads. I drank carrot juice and made my own meals for school.

Meanwhile, my family was getting concerned; I lost weight and looked pale. I told them I would get better. Whenever I visited my grandparents they always offered me cooked food. I explained my lifestyle to them and they stopped nagging. My mother was very supportive; she kept buying organic foods and books. I sometimes doubted this diet because I would feel very weak, but then I found out it was probably my body detoxing. I quickly changed my negative attitude and prayed for the best. I began consuming more juices and exercising. I felt better in no time.

Back in school, I would bring exotic fruits that my friends had never seen or heard of, I offered them some and they took it. In less than no time, I had no lunch but I felt satisfied. I made new friends and that was better than any food I could eat. I wanted to prove to myself that I could survive on raw foods and I did. I am now 21 years young and continue the raw food lifestyle. I keep learning and helping others my age become more health conscious about their diets. Raw food changed my whole perspective on life and I am positive it will change yours. Give it a try, your body deserves it!

Note of thanks from WLIR: 9 out of 10 stories I hear, about people getting into raw food, heavily revolve around the internet and learning from community websites. The web has provided a great platform for all sorts of truths to shine. Alex and his sites are very much a part of this global shift in self education. He has a talent for finding great stories putting out only the best information. We here are WLIR are very appreciative for all the work he has done and the lives he has changed.