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Chocolate Smoothie by Karen Knowler

Man, I'm a sucker for that British accent. See more Raw Food Video Recipes from Karen




Hi Dhrumil,

I got your comment on my blog and responded there, but not sure you'll go back and read it, so thought I'd just write you here to let you know that your comment was very appreciated today!

Also am curious to find out... how you found my blog? Is it because of my own link to yours? I'm a bit of a techno dweeb and figuring it all out as I go along you see, but things should start improving in very near future.

Really like Karen's smoothie demo. Looks good... and so does she (sound good I mean... he he) ;-)

Question: what's up with Sarma? I really enjoyed reading her blog but how come we're not hearing from her anymore? Could you let her know that she's got an fan out there who'd love to read her more often?

All the best,
Peace, Love and Namaste!
From Smiler,
with Love.

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