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Jenna Cooked, Jenna Raw


Jenna Norwood was pretty fit when she was younger. Fit enough to have even done some modeling. But as the years passed, and her SAD diet continued, her body paid the price. Jenna didn't want to acknowledge the obvious. She continued ignored the signs until one day the signs were too big to ignore. While trying on a Las Vegas show girl costume (for a Halloween Party), Jenna finally realized just how much junk-in-the-trunk she'd been towing. It was time for change.

Jeena had a few friends who had seen pretty good results eating a primarily raw diet, so she gave it a shot. But there was an added twist. She decided to do what most people wouldn't have the courage to do. She made a no-frills, totally authentic movie about her attempt to transform.

Supercharge Me - 30 Days Raw

Almost a year ago WLIR featured Jenna's original trailer, but since we have so many new readers, we wanted to take advantage of Jenna's recently posted before/after photos to reintroduce her story.

You can check out Jenna's blog and new trailer at 30daysraw.com