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Keeping track of all the great raw food blogs

When I first started blogging, 2 years ago, there weren't many raw food blogs out there at all. Today, there are more than I can keep track of. Luckily, most of the blogs our there have RSS feeds. Of course this makes it super easy to track all of the good content out there.

I use Google Reader to manage my feeds. And if you are interested in what blogs I keep track of, feel free to import my feeds by downloading the following file:


Now, if what I said makes no sense at all, simply do the following:

Step 1: Go to Google Reader and sign up for a free account. You can use your gmail account if you have one.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, click on "Settings" and then click on "Import/Export"

Step 3: Download this file to your desktop and upload it to Google Reader right where it says "Select an OPML file:"

All done! Happy reading.