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Martha Stewart + Donna Karan pimp live food


4 Minute Audio Clip / Video link

Donna Karan and good friend, Dr. Alejandro Junger, pimped the benefits of "live food" this past Thursday on the Martha Stewart Show, (tip via WLIR reader Janne Campbell).

Donna, who's been a long time friend of Martha and raw enthusiast, was invited on the show to talk about her Urban Zen initiative. A physical and mental wellness movement inspired by Donna's appreciation for health and the passing of her late husband.

In the segment Dr. Alejandro Junger brought the sweetness by preparing a Berry Blend Juice using all raw ingredients, (recipie here). Then Donna, aka the Green Juice Queen, whipped up an energizing elixir containing apple, lemon, spinach, various greens, cucumber and ginger.

Very nice... we like! And so did Martha. The green juice had the media mogul proclaiming, "I feel really good!"