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Bill Maher knows "people eat shit" and Michael Moore discovers "fruits" and "vegetables"

2 minute Audio Clip / Video Link

In his first live interview in 2 years, Michael Moore appeared on the Bill Maher Show to chat about his new movie SiCKO. In addition to conversing about how well the movie is being received (FoxNews), Moore and Maher also talked about where the health responsibility falls.

Here is Maher's take:

Maher: "People eat shit. And that's, to my way of thinking, about 90% of why people are sick is because they eat shit."

Moore, who does look slightly thinner, doesn't think it is exactly 90%, but he does agree lifestyle plays a big roll. That's why he's taken some preventive measures in his own life:

Moore: "One way to beat the system is, take care of yourself. And I found that just by going for a walk, 30 minutes a day... and I discovered these things called fruits and vegetables... which are amazing."

That Moore! Always a joker. We're def looking forward to his movie and him continuing to discover the benefits of raw food.