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Raw Food Gives You Courage

Ya, so we don't want to get into all The View drama, but we would like to give props to Alicia Silverstone for standing up, or rather, moving to the side for what she believes. Much love Alicia.

Alicia Silverstone Snubs Elizabeth Hasselbeck



Erica Sebald


Elvis Ripley

so what happened? Why did Alicia ignore her?

J. Campbell

I don't think it's a great idea to assume this was a snub. The thought did cross my mind when I watched this show yesterday, but it could have been a simple mistake. I also feel it's rather hateful to advocate anybody humiliating another person on live television, assuming for the sake of argument that was the case. If war teaches us anything it is surely that hatred does not solve hatred, it simply strenghthens it. People who are quick to resort to violence as a means of conflict resolution (like Ms. Hasselbeck) seem to me to be the ones most in need of compassion and love. The only way we are going to fix this planet and its problems is to start recognizing that we are all part of one big community. To hate her would only feed the abundance of negativity that is floating around the world right now. We could take a page from the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa here. Let's admire those who give love in the face of disagreement. Isn't that what the raw food movement is about in a lot of ways?

well said J...thanks so much for commenting


Great comments!

Was it best way to handle it? No. Even better than the "snub", which was most certainly intentional, would have been a live on air proclamation for peace. Or to take some kind of stand for her friend Rosie.

I'm certainly not advocating any humiliation, but I do see how it could of come across that way. So I'm setting the record strait by I'm all about peace. In addition, I also do think that it took courage consciously taking action rather than pretending everything was okay.

Laundry & Children

If one of my children had acted like Ms. Silverstone, they would quickly find themselves in time-out. It is easy to be nice to the people you agree with; it takes a much bigger person to give love to those you don't.


I'm also one of the many who was dissapointed and very much turned-off by how Alicia acted towards Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Indeed, I feel that it's good practice to move one's attention and focus away from negative people/situations, but pretending a person is not even in front of you when they are trying to greet you is just plain idiotic to me and as well as ignorant and hateful and makes you no more of a better person. I'm as freakin' liberal as they come and I don't even agree with Hasselbeck's views, but if I were coming on to The View's show, I would still politely acknowledge Hasselbeck and then walk away. I think Alicia's choosing to ignore Hassselbeck was not the best choice when there are so many more mature and humane "options" out there to handle confronting someone you disagree with - that said, it only showed that Alicia may really be at peace with herself. I really can't stand all this clickish mentality -c'mon people, we are all human.


I meant to say in post above:

"it only showed a part of Alica that may NOT really be at peace with herself."


Another Raw Food for thought (damn I'm detoxing bad tonight!):

This hollywood-esque click-ish mentality of I-don't-have-the-same-views-as-you-so-i-choose-to-ignore-you-and-not-recognize-you-as-a-person-and-conscious-human-being-with-emotions only serves to divide us as a human race.

Peas out.


I love Alicia Silverstone as much as the next person (she's vegan!), but I think that showed alot of immaturity and lack of grace. I tend to agree more with Elizabeth regarding politics etc, but even so, when invited to be a guest on a show (or anywhere!) one should be respectful of the host whether you agree with them or not. They're still human beings.


I think its funny that so many people are judging Alicia, for judging Elizabeth. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe she was nervous, maybe it was intentional, who cares. Who knows what was going through her head at that time.

It appears to be very easy to point the finger at peoples actions because they don't meet up to your expectations.

Let it go.


I am on Alicia's side here. I don't see it as a "snub" per se, but rather focusing her attention on those people who's ideas resonate with her. I've learned a lot about the "law of attraction" the last few years - and one thing that has helped me a lot is to focus on those things that are in line with my beliefs and ignore those things that aren't. I bless and basically ignore things, people etc. who aren't "lined up" with me. I used to get crazy with hateful, warmongerer's (is that a word?!!) like Elizabeth H., but I no longer pay any attention to people of her kind. I think Alicia wasn't being overtly rude, but just not giving much mind to a person who is completely out of alignment with Alicia's (maybe, I don't know Alicia!) belief's. It's fascinating how Elizabeth has garnered all of your compassion (compassion is always a good thing!!) - when Elizabeth never exhibits any of her own compassion towards our troops etc...

Way off the topic of raw food!!

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