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Sam's Story

Samrosenrawfood_2 Editor's Note: Sam is a youth entrepreneur and a recent grad from the University of Pennsylvania. He's been a great friend to many WLIR Squad members and an inspiration too. His passion and ability to communicate the message of "one-ness" that connects all is deep. I asked Sam to write a little bit about that one-ness and his relationship with food.

My Story
by Sam Rosen

I am staring at my computer screen, wondering where to begin a story on my journey of health. Wondering, because so much of my life has revolved around health—or, more appropriately, the lack thereof. I remember, as a child, not being able to finish a mile lap because of stomach pains; eating chocolate ice cream because everyone else was doing it, not because I could digest the stuff; and later in life, feeling unusually, and embarrassingly, nauseous after just a few sips of alcohol.

I should stop my laundry list of childhood and adolescent complaints there, else I may fall into a story of “woe is me.” It is, after all, far too easy to describe this journey as the victim, rather than the victor. I have come to the point in my own development where I no longer give myself permission to use any lack of optimal health as an excuse, a crutch, a method of avoidance; no, I am functional enough to, as my spiritual teacher would say, face everything and avoiding nothing.

And indeed, I have much—far too much for a “woe is me” fable—for which to be grateful. My desire for health, for wellness, for wholeness, served in many ways as a motivator for my initial pursuit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and, ultimately, for Enlightenment. And, while it served me well, I could not look to it as the primary motive forever. I remember confronting myself with that question a little over a year ago: if I were healthy, would I still strive for spiritual perfection—would I continue to meditate everyday and follow a rigorous spiritual practice?

The answer I came to, after much contemplation, was a definitive, and satisfying, “yes.” And in that moment, I realized that even if my desire for health had led me to the spiritual path, I was now more interested in spiritual purity than anything else, in becoming an expression of that which is true, beautiful, and good—a desire that far transcended that of personal health and well-being alone. Yet in deciding that my own conscious development, not for my sake, but for the sake of all life, was more important to me than anything else, I noticed that I found a strength and resolve to become healthy, to create a body capable of unequivocal and tireless dedication to the evolution of consciousness, of humanity.

So I began seeking health not for my own sake, but for a higher purpose. And in recontextualizing the motive for attaining better health, I found that my health began to change. I met with an excellent chiropractor who pinpointed several of the underlying causes of my health challenges. And, perhaps most promisingly, your very own Dhrumil Purohit, ever generous with his time and advice, recommended I start drinking juice with a celery base daily—and man, has that completely transformed my life!! Within the first couple days, I noticed a vibrancy, aliveness, and ability to digest that, quite frankly, I had never experienced before. The juice, I tell you, the juice—it cannot be underestimated. (My roommate and I love it so much, in fact, that we give it away to as many friends as possible!)

So, you see, the story has taken a decidedly positive turn, from the victim’s to the hero’s journey. By discovering a passion for evolving beyond the sense that I’m separate—read paragraph one above—in order to become a servant of humanity’s higher aspirations, I have unearthed a new determination for creating a bodily vehicle fit for the job. And that’s where I find myself this moment, as I type these words: committed to do whatever it takes to serve, with body, mind, and spirit, the evolution of consciousness, of humanity, of the one self that binds us all together, that is already free, ecstatic, and determined to bring Heaven to Earth, as ourselves, as human beings, here and now.