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Sleep, Dreaming and Food

For the most part I've stopped dreaming at night. It's been this way for about 5 years.

I say for the most part because I still dream (or remember my dreams) if I eat a really big meal right before I sleep. Ya, weird, I know.

The dreams that I do have, after eating that big meal, tend to be quasi-nightmarish. Not full blown horror films, but situations where I'm in a real mess. I end up having terrible sleep when this happens. Not just just because my body spends a decent amount of the evening digesting food, but also because these nightmares end up being emotionally draining.

It gets better...

On the very rare occasion that I have a "spontaneous dream", a dream where I haven't eaten a big meal, I almost always have the experience of lucid dreaming. Those are absolutely my most favorite dreams! I end up having the most amazingly deep level of sleep and I often find the simple answer to complex problems that I've been facing. Go figure.

From what I've heard, this is actually a common occurrence. The more you clean up your diet, the less you digest at night. The less you digest, the better sleep you have and the less you dream. I'm sure there is a little more involved in the process, but that's what I know for sure so far.

Might I add that within the first 2 years of eating raw I managed to cut my sleep from 8-9 hours a night to 5-6 hours a night. I was trying, it just happened. And more recently, say in the last year, I drop down to 4 hours a night at least once or twice a week.

Not good or bad, just interesting.

Updated: Here's an interesting podcast on lucid dreaming by Steve Pavlina and his wife Erin.



Hmmm I've been 100% for a year now and raw for 2, and my dreams keep on getting more vivid, more fun and I dream lots and lots. It is one of my most favourite things to do. I can go into a full on dream just by closing my eyes and relaxing for a few seconds, which I find blissful, and helpful because the symbology in my dreams helps me solve problems in my waking life.I have never dreamed this much in my life and I thank raw food for that!

Bell Chung

Hi Dhru!

I too have experienced the same benefits and effects from altering my diet. If I sleep after a meal, not only do I have extremely weird dreams, but I wake up with a racing heartbeat (it's scary)!

On the plus side, when eating completely raw (as well as less food, and at the ideal time of day), I love being able to function at a higher level of being on fewer hours of sleep - it's amazing! Also, with more hours of the day at my expense, I am able to get more "stuff" accomplished.

"Sweet dreams" :)

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