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Yerba Mate Latte


Occasionally I get the urge for something warm - might I say hot even. And when that feeling comes, nothing hits the spot like this Yerba Mate Latte recipe. Much love goes out to Cafe Gratitude for introducing me to this elixir.

Making a Yerba Mate Latte is simple. All you are really doing is mixing Yeba Mate tea with some form of nut milk, (I'm going to use an instant cashew milk recipie). See my footnotes if you are a raw purest.


Ingredients (Raw & Organic)

  • 4 TB Cashew Butter (like this)
  • 2 1/2 Cups Pure Water
  • 2 TB Agave or Honey (like this)
  • 4 Dashes of Cinnamon
  • 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • 1/8 Tsp. Sea Salt
  • Yeba Mate tea leaves or tea bag (like this)

1 - Preparing the Instant Cashew Milk

I'm slightly lazy, so I'm going to be using an instant cashew milk recipie for the latte part of this drink. Feel free to use almond milk if you so wish.


  • One: Throw your 4 TB of Cashew Butter into the blender with your water.
  • Two: Salt, Cinnamon and Vanilla definitely add that magic touch.
  • Three: Blend it like you mean it.
  • Four: So silky smooth! 

2 - Preparing the Late


  • One: Heat up a pot of watter or tea kettle to your desired temp.
  • Two: Drop in the Yerba Mate tea bag and hot water into a cup, let it sit for 5 minutes or so.
  • Three: Using a strainer (to catch the un-blended chucks of cashew) fill up 1/4 up the cup with the cashew milk. More milk if you want it creamier.
  • Four: Add a dash of cinnamon for the road and you're read to go!

Sharing is caring. Enjoy.

Note: This isn't technically a "raw" drink. Meaning, the water for the tea is heated above 118 or whatever degrees, but there isn't anything in this tea that is going to damage your health. Although, if you drink tea that is really hot, you run the risk of killing cells in your mouth. Blaa Blaa Blaa

If you want to make a totally raw version of this drink, just don't heat the water above whatever that magic raw number is. Simply let the tea soak into the water instead. My guesstimate is that you'll have to leave it soaking for at least 10 to 20 minutes longer to get that full flavor. The yerba mate I used is probably roasted, but there are a few websites out there that sell sun dried yerba leaf. Just Google it!



how funny! i just got back into yerba mate after a long time away from it as I went raw and let go of anything related to caffeine, but I believe in instinctual living and consuming. . . and there are so many health benefits to ignore and besides which, it just makes me grin to savor this incredible beverage. Life is short, be euphoric and guilt-free every second of it! And i just happened to check your site and this was the recent post- how cool?!


Hah. I love it.


wow, looks sooo good!


You know I'm down with the yerba mate latte, I'm so excited that they have a rawish one for you to share :)


mmmmm that looks really good. and you know i'm a latte freak, so this is a way better.

urban vegan

Looks wonderful--what a great idea.

Christina Daly

Anyone tried Guayake Yerba Matte. It's Grand. Here's there website address: http://www.guayaki.com/index.php?p=retailers&sort_by=State&page=2


Oh my gawd I am going to cry. I love latte drinks! There is a god!


Check out the Argentinian, Brazilian
Yerba Mates, they are the real thing!

Jenny A

I tried this. I didn't like it. No way will it ever substitute a real latte.. and it doesn't really even taste like a latte. I was disappointed. I have all this Yerba Mate left over lol. I hope someone else finds this recipe good.




This makes me soo happy. Drinking up right now with my bombilla (the straw for drinking mate with... also helpful to strain those residual nut chunks). Lovely. I'm gonna start my morning with this goodness.

Tonya C

This is great! I am Raw and have truly missed my favorite drink...yerba mate! I actually bought some yesterday and saw this today. I'm going to make some later today. This looks beautiful. I need a bombilla! Thanks for posting this beautiful concoction!

Tonya C.

Oh....I use Yerba Mate from Guayaki. Those guys are great. I've been watching them grow from a two man operation. They deserve the best.

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i tried your Yerba Mate Latte and it is delicious. I too rarely drink hot beverages but that one is delicious !


Hi! I just tried this drink, and really enjoyed it. I used a tablespoon of cashew cream, a tablespoon of cashew butter, 1/4 tsp Yerba Mate Royale Powdered Instand Yerba Mate, cinnamon, agave and water. I blended it all up in the blender...it was raw and very lovely! Thank you so so much. Lately I have really been missing coffee, and it hit the spot.

Learn to Spell

If you're going to have any sort of presence on the web, and want to be taken seriously, then PLEASE take the time to proof/ re-read and/or use spell-check.
1. "... instant cashew milk recipie". Or, recipe?
2. "... if you are a raw purest." Isn't that "purist"?
3. "2 - Preparing The Late". Funny, you seem to know how to spell "Latte" everywhere else...
4. "... to catch the unblended chucks of cashew." Chunks?

Sharing is caring.
Go from "Amateur" to "Pro" on your blog by taking a little bit of time to actually read what your write, and caring as much about the English language as you do about your health.
So many out there don't do either.


Wow, I was given the name of this site by a friend who knows I am trying to learn how to start a raw lifestyle, and before reading the post from Learn to Spell I was amazed at how nice everyone here seems to be. I was so into the recipe and how excited she was I did not even notice the spelling. Why be so unkind to someone who is sharing something with us that so many others enjoyed?


As for the spelling,not all of us can be the professor of english light the comment man upstairs.As for the drink the beauty of it's essence we cannot deny.Truly a gift from the goddess.


As for the spelling,not all of us can be the professor of english like the comment man upstairs.As for the drink the beauty of it's essence we cannot deny.Truly a gift from the goddess.




Thank you for this post! I was having a supremely grumpy morning, now 4 months into a 100% raw diet. I felt so deprived, desperately unfulfilled and freakin' starved for something (but didn't know what). Having slept poorly last night (stress) the overcast brain fog was undeniable. I lamented for the liberated days of yerba mate, again reinforcing this inner sense of oppression toward the restrictive dietary lifestyle I've self-chosen. So, I googled...and found this! Now I'm sipping on a cold brewed cup of my favourite tea, feeling newly empowered, less lonely...more satisfied. Muchos Gracias!!!! You really helped divert my potential sabotage into cooked food purgatory.

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