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April Cooked, April Raw


I'm definitely a big of a fan of the drastically-amazing before and afters. They really show the true transformational power of the human body. But what leaves me really inspired and excited are the countless stories I get from people who have experience small yet profound changes.

There's no doubt that April Ross was a pretty girl even before she started eating healthier.  But it is amazing how much more her true beauty shines through now that she's do'n it raw. Her skin, eyes and facial structure all have that extra bit of flow that came from feeding her body what it needed.  She's never felt healthier in her life - so shes beautiful on the inside too!

I love highlighting stories like April's. Although many people out there that are inspired by major raw food makeovers, most people (especially young folk) look at someone like April and say, "Hey, I could see that happening to me." To which I reply, "Hell ya!"

April's story....

"I am 25 years old and just recently graduated with my masters degree in Gerontology from Georgia State University. I have been an aspiring raw foodist for around two years now. I eat mostly raw food 80 - 90 %. If it is not raw then it is at least vegan. I feel that eating raw food could help to prevent and cure many unnecessary diseases that we have in the United States. I want to share my thoughts and experiences on raw foods and document my journey."