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Avocado Fries


Peggy & Curtis, from Raw Inspiration, totally wowed me with this simple recipe called Avocado "Fries".

I haven't touched my dehydrator in 2 years, but for this recipe I just may have to bring it back.




Great recipe... I created a similar recipe 3-4 years ago and posted in on a few raw food boards. Instead of adding all flax seeds, mix half with almond powder, It will be less flaxy tasting. Also adding some wild tomato powder to the breading make it very tasty. To coat the avo slices better with the breading, dip them in some water or olive oil right before coating.


Ah, fellow Tampa native! Glad to see this recipe making its way out of Florida thanks to Dhrumil. Thanks for the tips on making this one even better.


Wowzers! This picture above is totally making me salivate - can't wait to try it out. Was just at a friends house the other day and they made homemade french fries (the SAD kind), and the smell was taunting me for a little bit; didn't touch a one, but left feeling a bit nostalgic about homemade fries since my dad used to make them for me as a kid. Thanks for posting this. Now I can make and eat french fries that won't kill me. :)


Hi guys,

The recipe looks great. I have steered clear of overt fats since reading Dr Graham's 80/10/10 (80% simple carbs, 10% protein, 10% fat), but they do look divine...

What's your take on the low-fat raw vegan approach?

Love Jamie


Hey Jamie,
Avocados are defintely rich, but our bodies do need raw fats. I use avocados and nuts primarily for desserts that help me enjoy and celebrate food and stay raw. The bulk of my diet is greens and fruit with smaller amounts of nuts and seeds. I think the percentages and measuring in raw books are helpful as a general learning tool about how to find a good balance of fruit, greens and fats, but ultimately each of us are very different and will feel the most benefit if we experiment and find out what works for our own unique physiology. For example, my husband can eat one or more avos a day, but sometimes half of one every other day can be too much for me. We have also found that every few months, we adjust what we are eating because our palates and bodies have changed and both the amount and types of food shifts slightly. Always fine tuning.
Have Fun on the journey!

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