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Dinner and a Movie with Farmer John


Or I guess it was movie and then dinner… but with Farmer John – as in, John Peterson, the subject of the important documentary film The Real Dirt on Farmer John.  It’s not just important, it’s also lovely, thoughtful, quirky, inspiring, and extremely honest.  I attended a pre-opening screening of this movie, and then the following night sat for dinner in the corner of our garden with Farmer John himself, the movie director Taggart and the movie’s publicist Teri.   

I haven’t posted a blog in ages, and this one is a bit out of the blue, but it just felt like the right thing to do to help put the word out.  Anyone who knows me, the restaurant, the brand, and whatever I/we do, knows that I have no specific ‘raw’ food agenda.  What everything ultimately boils down to however is thoughtfulness.  In this case, thinking more about the origin of your food seems to be the point.  However, it quickly becomes about much more than that, as anyone who in fact starts to think about the origin of their food knows.  Onward you go to start thinking more and more about all the other things that we all use and consume as we plow through life.  Like, why does everything have to come packaged in a “blister” pack?  Does anyone like them?  Are they not a colossal waste?  And think of all the blood shed, as people turn with frustration to scissors or knives to pry them open.  Why why why?  Is everything really all about marketing…?  Do I think too much?


It can quickly become overwhelming, and with so many distractions all around it becomes easy to avoid thinking.  About what we do and say and how we spend our time, with who and why. And what for.   

Some movies are pure escapism entertainment.  But others make you think, and I suppose documentaries in particular.  That’s the whole point.  “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” is special on so many levels.  John asked me how much time I’ve spent on farms.  Um… zero?  Still, I knew he would get me and what I’m doing.  And I don’t mean just about our food at the restaurant - that’s the obvious connection and easy to talk about.  We could talk about the meaning of organic, what it means to be biodynamic, the importance of eating naturally and less processed all around, and we did that.  But the connection I felt watching the film was to someone who followed and continues to follow his heart.   

So go see the movie this weekend, and… as always…visit me at oneluckyduck.com or Pure Food and Wine.

Love, Sarma