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I couldn't see it happening any other way

For the last year I've been working with a team of people to put together an international conference called "Peace Through Dialogue". The conference, which will have over 5000 attendees, will held on July 5th-8th in Edison, NJ. It will include a whole host of spiritual teachers, dignitaries, congressmen and even a few celebrities. It is a grand event that's demanded a grand level of time, attention and energy.

July 5th is less than 10 days away and as our team gets closer and closer to the wire I was reminded how having access to this "raw food technology" has helped me pull off wonders. I see the mental and physical toll that putting some amazing like this together has had on my fellow team members. Most of the individuals that I am working with are adults above the age of 40 and although they are vegetarians, their processed diets lack the vitality to prevent them from crashing physically and mentally. One of our board members even had serious heart issues that put him in the hospital a few weeks back. He's "ok" now.

I slept for 4 hours last night. And the night before. And the night before that. In fact for the last 5 weeks I've been running off of 4 hours of sleep or less for at least 6 days of the week. During the day, between working on the conference, working on my successful business, and other random stuff, I've been making things happen from 9am till 1am with about 2 hours here and there for one main meal + a little down time.

This isn't a "I'm Superman post". This is an "I'm Average man post". There's nothing special about me and that's why I'm sharing this info. I'm just a simple kid from Delaware who happened to have some great mentors. And one of those mentors taught me the tremendous importance of putting quality food into my body.

There are so many people out that have way more skill, talent and insight than I do and it makes me wonder... "What if they felt this good all the time?" Not only is my physical health flourishing, but my mental health and focus is extremely strong too. I honestly do feel that people are happier with life when they switch to eating a primarily raw diet. Its that energy baby!

I know raw food isn't everything - I'm no fool! But I do know that I absolutely could not see myself living, working and enjoying the way I do without eating this way.

Can I get a witness brothers and sisters!