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Healthy, happy and sexy MySpace Friends


Some new healthy, happy and very sexy raw food buddies I've recently befriended on MySpace:

I am a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Counselor and RAW lifestyle chef/coach and the owner of The RAW Experience. I help people gain the incredible benefits of achieving a high energy LIFE, through the use of pure raw and living foods.

I don't believe in being dogmatic about lifestyle choices, it's more about doing what works for YOU, and that varies from person to person.

F1 / Fruitarian Fitness
Richard Blackman, a.k.a The Fruitarian One a certified personal trainer and a long time strict Fruitarian that is devoted to helping motivated Fruitarian/Raw Vegan athletes and bodybuilders get the best from the Fruitarian lifestyle.

I firmly believe that "everything happens for a reason" and that we are here on earth to go through different obstacles and to take what we learn from our hardest times in life, turn it into knowledge and help others to overcome.

Celebrity Chef Burke Bryant, trained exclusively by world chef "Juliano", is a Master Living Food Chef, Raw fod revolutionist, and educator in health, nutrition and herbal therapies.

I am tired of the destruction and I want to find others who are tired also, but ready to take action and make changes.

I enjoy children's paintings, garage sale art, and my own whimsical flower paintings.  Additionally, I'm merging into raw foods.

Heroes: those who practice and prepare for peace, not war

Who I'd like to meet: life enthhusiasts, raw foodists, ecologists, those into ancient wisdom, nature lovers and the unusual!

i have a broken compass and i will never fix it. i am fond of indoor rainy day games such as building indoor forts. my favorite story is 'the velveteen rabbit' and a close second would be 'where the wild things are'. i have grand plans.



Ulrike Pohlig

I am curious as to why Zen Palate which has a couple of reastaurants in New York City didn't make it onto your map. I have eaten there several times and the food is pretty fabulous and there are a lot of raw organic vegan options.


I actually didn't know that Zen Palate had raw options. Someone once mentioned it, but we called them and they had no idea what we were talking about.

Can you tell me what is that you order there?


Dhrumil, i know this isn't related to raw food but just wanted to tell you that i checked out your myspace, which led me to check out Dil Se, and am now completely infatuated with this cd that is now on constant ipod repeat everywhere i go. i love finding new music this way, and maybe it does belong here on the comments cause raw food, amazing music, they all go together in this euphoric existence right?! any more recommendations based on my love for Dil Se??


Jenny, if you liked Dil Se, I'd say you may want to check out the soundtrack of these Bollywood favorites:

* Dil Chata Hai (http://tinyurl.com/26yrdy)
* Salaam Ishq (http://tinyurl.com/387x4s)
* Guru (http://tinyurl.com/2dq4jz)
* Mohabetein

Fitness Health Zone

Oh yeah I checked them out few songs are good for exercise too.... :-)


Fitness Health Zone

Well for got to tell you about broken tiny url of SI.

Rawsome Chef

I am so excited about joining up with my raw, yummy and so very sexy friends.

You can find me on this site and everywhere else ...

Outta sight and deliciously so!

Rawstrick and Ready for Life's Delectable Success',




You will find me at Sedona - www.rawspiritfest.org

For tx, contact my website - www.rwsomechef.com


I am driving down to Sedona with an new client I am putting this older hippie/meat eating drinker, on a raw reality, for one week. We will video tape it all. Looking forward ...


I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
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