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Party Food Evolution

Tonight my cousin Jaya is having her high school graduation party at her place in the Poconos. My family members, especially the doctors, are big fans of raw food and always appreciate me bringing a dish or two.

In the past I use to make elaborate soups, pies and all that good stuff. Mostly because I just wanted to prove that raw food could be elaborate, fun and filling. Now-a-days my time is extremely stretched so the big raw food dishes only pop-out here and there. Instead, I usually shoot for something simple, light and quick.

In about 25 minutes I can make whip up the following (recipes in the recipe section):    

  • Wilted Kale Salad (a true staple)    
  • Guacamole w/ some store bought raw organic flax chips    
  • Ginger Limeade (in some Saratoga Springs bottles)

And where ever I go I always carry:    

  • Organic Tea (whatever is currently my favorite)    
  • Agave    
  • Green Super Food (for me and people who ask about how to start    eating raw)    
  • Some grapes/fresh berries and or goji berries (those are always great conversation starters)

I alway have the ingredients to make the above foods that I mention. And people always love them. That's my party food routine, what's yours?




Love your website - am trying to get into the Raw movement - am still addicted, though to Starbucks soy lattes ... anyways - type/brand of green superfoods do you mean? Capsules, powder - please let me know. You give so much great information - I am most grateful for your site. Maria



Thanks for the love. I do appreciate it.

These are the ones I run through regularly:
- Pure Synergy (http://tinyurl.com/2zvm4t)
- Nature's First Food (http://tinyurl.com/2qu925)
- You're My Everything (http://tinyurl.com/37khn4)

One your blood is filled with Alkaline Goodness, you will naturally stop craving all the acid junk that our body always seems to want. Keep greening yourself up and work up to 2 table spoons of green stuff in a liter of water twice a day.

It works every time.


when i first went one and a half years ago, i went crazy making all the cool recipes, and experimenting. . . but have gone so simple over the past few months, mostly mono eating, and hardly any prep. . . except for the occasional treat or "introductory" dinner of lasagna, or zucchini pasta, or a yummy raw cheesecake or banana ice cream splits.
for dinner parties my main staple go-to meal is raw sushi, because it's so simple and since i don't eat many nuts or oils, it's delicious and fun without those things. . . you can add absolutely anything and you can have a blast making it with lots of people, or you can prep it ahead of time and bring it to go (i like getting reusable takeout boxes from iparty or target to package them up- it's adorable!) and everyone always loves it and can't even tell the rice is shredded vegetables with miso or seasonings. . . mmmmmmm i'm hungry just thinking about it!


Dhrumil... When you said grapes, fresh berries and goji berries I thought you meant you had made a fruit salad to bring to a party!

Then I reread it again, and saw that's some of the snacks you bring with you wherever you go... but I'm still thinking that would make a yummy fruit salad!

~ Heidi


Heidi, you have me thinking!


One of my favorite things to bring to a potluck/ family gathering is watermelon juice. It has a beautiful pink color, it's a sweet alternative to the usual sodas present, kids love it and I can make a gallon out of one small watermelon.

Zoe- my website: http://www.purelyraw.com

I like to give people sweet potato and flax crisps. And some really great raw bugers, like the ones in Renee Undekoffler's book Living Cuisine. And a big sexy raw cake is always good. I like to show off when around non raw foodists, it often shocks them into going raw!

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