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Party Food Evolution

Tonight my cousin Jaya is having her high school graduation party at her place in the Poconos. My family members, especially the doctors, are big fans of raw food and always appreciate me bringing a dish or two.

In the past I use to make elaborate soups, pies and all that good stuff. Mostly because I just wanted to prove that raw food could be elaborate, fun and filling. Now-a-days my time is extremely stretched so the big raw food dishes only pop-out here and there. Instead, I usually shoot for something simple, light and quick.

In about 25 minutes I can make whip up the following (recipes in the recipe section):    

  • Wilted Kale Salad (a true staple)    
  • Guacamole w/ some store bought raw organic flax chips    
  • Ginger Limeade (in some Saratoga Springs bottles)

And where ever I go I always carry:    

  • Organic Tea (whatever is currently my favorite)    
  • Agave    
  • Green Super Food (for me and people who ask about how to start    eating raw)    
  • Some grapes/fresh berries and or goji berries (those are always great conversation starters)

I alway have the ingredients to make the above foods that I mention. And people always love them. That's my party food routine, what's yours?