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Raw Food Video Roundup

Raw food and cooked food, comparison: This is pretty cool. Storm, from The Garden Diet, visually shows the breakdown between certain raw foods and cooked foods.

Raw Food Tiffin: Tiffins are huge in India (they got it from the British), but Caroline Jones is trying to bring them to the US with a raw twist. Check out her website if you want to buy one.

The Flip Method: Dan Hoyt, from Quintessence, shows viewers how to save time dehydrating by flipping.

David Wolfe On Minerals:
How can live to be 124 years old? Drink your minerals with rum!

How to Milk a Sesame Seed: Hey, if raw almonds get banned, at least you'll have Sesame Milk! Just kidding! Seriously, if you haven't made your voice heard, do it now.

Getting Healhy with Nancy: A bunch of videos of a few women getting schooled by a raw chef named Nancy. It looks like they are at a weekend ladies retreat.

78 Days and counting:
This guy has a 78 day video diary (so far) about his progress cleansing and transitioning into a mostly raw diet.

Grapefruit tips: Good for loosing weight and cleaning your colon.

We're Not Cooking: Vinit sends us this video of Don, a regular guy trying a raw food diet. I like the video, I'm just wondering where he lives that he needs that thick sweater vest.



here's another one for your video roundup. there's some truly great stuff coming out of the freshtopia.net vlog. recipes galore!


shazzie did 4 superfoods videos on youtube.


Thanks for the tip! We'll add that next time around.

Andrew Cagney

GLiving has some good shows, but their music is a little creepy some times.

Agreed, Freshtopia is great, and unlike most other shows they update regularly.

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