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Raw Food Video Roundup

Raw food and cooked food, comparison: This is pretty cool. Storm, from The Garden Diet, visually shows the breakdown between certain raw foods and cooked foods.

Raw Food Tiffin: Tiffins are huge in India (they got it from the British), but Caroline Jones is trying to bring them to the US with a raw twist. Check out her website if you want to buy one.

The Flip Method: Dan Hoyt, from Quintessence, shows viewers how to save time dehydrating by flipping.

David Wolfe On Minerals:
How can live to be 124 years old? Drink your minerals with rum!

How to Milk a Sesame Seed: Hey, if raw almonds get banned, at least you'll have Sesame Milk! Just kidding! Seriously, if you haven't made your voice heard, do it now.

Getting Healhy with Nancy: A bunch of videos of a few women getting schooled by a raw chef named Nancy. It looks like they are at a weekend ladies retreat.

78 Days and counting:
This guy has a 78 day video diary (so far) about his progress cleansing and transitioning into a mostly raw diet.

Grapefruit tips: Good for loosing weight and cleaning your colon.

We're Not Cooking: Vinit sends us this video of Don, a regular guy trying a raw food diet. I like the video, I'm just wondering where he lives that he needs that thick sweater vest.