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Superfoods Are For Real Baby!

On March 17, 2007 Shazzie was invited to share her thoughts about Superfoods on UK's Channel Five (see the clip). Given the fact that she only had a minute to make her point, Shazzie totally killed it. She was smart, strait to the the point and of course, beautiful. Instead of throwing out facts and figures, Shazzie made the most convincing argument possible:

Host: "Shazzie, defend Superfoods."
Shazzie: "Look at me I'm 38. I feel like a 21 year old!"


As a follow up to the program Shazzie created a 4 part video series called: Superfoods Are For Real. This video series is filled with detailed information on the power of Superfoods. The series is also a broadcast of truth that cuts through the plethora of noise that unhealthy dietitians and nutritionist put out there.

Its funny and sad how there's more true health information available on YouTube then there is on your local media station. Way to bring it to the people Shazzie!

Here is the first video in the series and you can find the rest of them below:

Superfoods Are For Real



Elvis Ripley

When she asks about how much the food would have cost, does she call a supermarket a "stupor" market?


Haha.. Ya!


nice video, makes me miss eating a full raw diet. Damn, I am missing out!


I love these videos, especially #1 and #4. Real food straight from the yard. It's a thing of beauty.

She does say "stupormarket", she writes it on one of her myspace pages.

Pandora Jaramillo

Thank you for this video! It is a message that needs to be heard. Well done!

Marlene Kerns

I'm not understanding what the powder is that starts with an L...something like lukanun?? but I can't find it. Can you help me please?

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