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What are you listening to?

WLIR reader Jenny got me thinking about music and what different readers are listening to these days.

On my recently played list you'll find:

What are you listening to?



Lilly Allen
Amy Winehouse
The Healing Waters Band, David Wolfe's band
and The Beatles White Album

A lot more stuff on my ipod, but this what i've been listening to recently.

Oh! And I love Deva.


Lhasa de Sela (highly recommend De Cara a la Pared)
Seu Jorge
Buena Vista Social Club.


Robert R.

Miranda Lambert's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It just came out. Good country music.


I'm listening to playlist player, it lets you choose whatever songs you like and put it on your myspace page. I've got depeche mode, queen,sting, beastie boys (LOVE them, justin timberlake,rosemary clooney,coldplay,the beatles and john lennon. Its a really cool little gadget, i'm not really into any new music.

On a completely different note, I just wanted to gush about the supplements that I just ordered last week. I ordered, the nature's first food powder, msm, beauty enzymes and crystal manna. I saw great results the first day, i've been really depressed and had a lot of mood swings and its all gone now. I feel more normal now and very happy. So

Erica Sebald

Arlo Guthrie - Washington County (my favorite for yoga),
Bob Log III - anything, it's all awesome,
Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope.


currently loving:
Si Se
New Order
Mos Def
Fort Minor
Krishna Das
India Arie
just to name a few. . .


t.A.T.u all the way!!!!!

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